Anonymous, Anonymous, Shibboleth: or, Every Man a Free-Mason, Containing A History of the Rise, Progress, and Present State of that Ancient and Noble Order. Likewise The true and Original Form used in making a Free-Mason; with the Lectures, oaths, and Obligations, of each Degree. The Sign, Token and Word, by the Observation of which a person may gain Admittance into any Lodge, and pass for a Free and Accepted mason. With many curious Observations and Remarks, worthy the Notice of Free Masons, and others. By a Passíd Master. Originally printed in London, in 1765, this reprint has been re-typeset to correct several typographical errors. 112 pages, ISBN 1564599965, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Some Account of Domestic Architecture in England (1859), The object of this volume is to awaken the attention of owners of, and all who are concerned with, the houses of our ancestors. The author wishes to show the value and importance of those remains which are disappearing from view, to bring public opinion to bear on this subject and to cry shame upon the noblemen and gentlemen who wantonly destroy, or allow their agents to destroy, valuable relics of ancient art or historical memorials of the highest interest and value. Over 84 illustrations. 352 pages, ISBN 0766142418, $26.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Songs of the Temple Or Bridgewater Collection of Sacred Music (1830), Utility has always been the leading object in this work; and the music, it is believed, will be suited to every sober, sacred and religious purpose, and adapted to the use of public worship among all societies and denominations. In selecting the music, simple and easy, but chaste, compositions, have been preferred to the more artificial and difficult, from a desire to present to the public a work, which may prove useful and practical. Due to the age and scarcity of the original we reproduced, some pages may be spotty, faded or difficult to read. 354 pages, ISBN 0766172546, $26.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Spirit of the Upanishads (1907), Or the Aphorisms of the Wise. A collection of texts, aphorisms, sayings, proverbs, etc. from ìThe Upanishads,î or sacred writings of India, compiled and adapted from over fifty authorities, expressing the cream of the Hindu philosophical thought. 86 pages, ISBN 0766145883, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Spiritual Reconstruction (1919), This little book is meant for those people who are seeking the good of humanity. It contains far reaching truths most will perceive. The truths of life can be seen everywhere by the spiritually minded, but it is more than knowledge of life, or even God, that is required of you. The main message to be gathered from this test is the value of a soul is supreme. 180 pages, ISBN 076613850X, $19.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Story of the Inquisition (1928), What it was and what it did, to which is appended an account of persecutions by Protestants, persecutions of witches and the war between religion and science. Contains over 100 illustrations. 704 pages, ISBN 0766140865, $42.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Street Called Straight: A Novel (1912), This novel is a tensely dramatic story of present day American life. There is not a momentís cessation of its enthralling interest from the first page to the last. Illustrated. 436 pages, ISBN 0766169960, $30.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Study in Realization, A series of forty-nine lessons that will lead you, step-by-step, up the mountainside, take you to the very top so that you may overlook the entire universe in order to get a clear and accurate picture in such a forceful manner that it shall be lived into your very being. 222 pages, ISBN 0766149625, $20.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Symbolic Meaning of the Story of King Arthur, The principal authority for this symbolic story is taken from Malloryís Le Morte díArthur because it gives a fuller account of everything accountable to the subject of King Arthur than any other work. Contents: King Arthur; Sir Galahad; Sir Lancelot. Also contains 22 illustrations mainly taken from the original paintings in King Arthurís hall, Tintagel. 132 pages, ISBN 0766130401, $17.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Temples of the Orient and Their Message (1902), In the light of holy scripture, Danteís vision, and Bunyanís allegory. To the intending missionary, these pages are affectionately inscribed with the reminder that when our Lord interpreted to His friends in all the scriptures the things concerning Himself, he probably took from the teachings of Egypt under the shadow of whose pyramids He spent His most tender and impressionable years. 452 pages, ISBN 0766149765, $31.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Testimony of Christís Second Appearing Exemplified by the Principles and Practices of the True Church of Christ (1856), This work presents the history of the progressive work of God, extending from the creation of man to the harvest, comprising the four great dispensations now consummating in the Millennial Church. Also Antichristís kingdom, or churches, contrasted with the Church of Christís first and second appearing, the kingdom of the God of Heaven. Due to the age and scarcity of the original we reproduced, some pages may be spotty, faded or difficult to read. 658 pages, ISBN 0766173801, $40.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Text-Book of Advanced Freemasonry, Containing for the Instruction of the Candidates, the Complete Rituals of the Higher Degrees, viz., Royal Ark Mariners, Mark Master, Royal Arch, Red Cross of Rome and Constantine, and Perfect Prince Mason, Knights Templar and Rose Croix; and also Monitorial Instructions in the 30th to 33rd and Last Degree of Freemasonry. Commenting on the accuracy of this book in his recent history of the Ancient and Accepted (Scottish) Rite, ROSE CROIX (1987), Brigadier A.C.F. Jackson noted, ìAbout 1870, or possibly earlier, the Supreme Council issued each Chapter with a hand-written ritual.... THE TEXT BOOK OF ADVANCED FREEMASONRY, 1873, may have been plagiarized from the official manuscripts referred to above.î The Rose Croix ritual in this book convinced A.E. Waite that high-grade Freemasonry is related to Rosicrucianism. Read this important book and find out why! This is a reprint of the rare 1873 (first) edition. Essential. 278 pages, ISBN 1564593347, $23.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, The Delphian Society, Topical outlines for the Delphian Society, organized for the purpose of stimulating interest along educational and cultural lines in America. To meet a need recognized from Atlantic Seaboard to the Pacific Coast, it has undertaken to enable the busy personówhether absorbed in home, social or business concernsóto keep abreast of contemporary intellectual activity, increase his fund of information, inspire creative thought, deepen his pleasure in the fine arts, and help him, in consequence of broadened horizon and sympathies, to grow more useful as a social factor. 280 pages, ISBN 0766128334, $23.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, The Genealogy of Iestyn the Son of Gwrgan, This translation includes the Genealogy of Iestyn, the Son of Gwrgan, Prince of Glamorgan; together with a short account of the accomplishments and achievements of the several princes it includes. It also contains the genealogies and families of the British Saints from the Long Book of Thomas Truman, of Pantlliwydd, in the parish of Llansanor, in Glamorgan, copied by Iolo Morganwg in the year of 1783; The Fables of Cattwg the Wise, the son of Gwynlliw, the son of Glywys, the son of Tegid the son of Cadell Deyrnllwg; Tales of the Account of Caradoc; Miscellanies; and Poetry.# 388 pages, ISBN 0766184110, $28.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Theosophy of the Upanishads (1896), Part I. Self and not self. For the work of enkindling our understandings, the great Indian Upanishads are specially and strikingly endowed. Our needs are rather for the understanding than for the will; for wisdom rather than righteousness; for a theosophy rather than for a religion. No where shall we find these needs better supplied, or nearly as well supplied, as in the theosophy of the great Indian Upanishads. 206 pages, ISBN 0766148386, $20.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, To Bigotry No Sanction, A documented analysis of propaganda against American Jews. In this work, we must face conditions as they are, and not as we think they should be. We are dealing with a reality and our work must be realistic. The emotional fallacies must be eradicated. This is a grassroots jobs. 94 pages, ISBN 0766151549, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Transactions of the Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree (1878), This work contains the transactions of the Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States of America, 1857-1866. Prior to this volume, there were no known minutes, notes or record of previous meetings of any kind. 488 pages, ISBN 0766153924, $32.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Union Song Book, This volume contains a choice and well-selected collection of the most popular sentimental, patriotic, naval and comic songs. 160 pages, ISBN 0766173526, $18.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Universal CoMasonry: Ritual of the Three Craft Degrees (1925), This little work contains the working 1916 revised ritual of the three craft degrees for the British Federation, issued under the sanction of the deputy of the Supreme Council of Universal Co-Masonry for the British Federation. Contents: Preliminary Ceremonies; First Degree; Second Degree; Third Degree; Labor and Refreshment Closing the Lodge. 262 pages, ISBN 0766180344, $23.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Various Revelations (1876), Found in this work are various revelations, with an account of the Garden of Eden, and the settlement of the Eastern Continent, as related by the leaders of the wandering tribes; from the age of Enoch, Seth and Noah, to the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, as related by Mary his mother and Joseph the foster-father; with a confirmation of his crucifixion and resurrection, as related by Pilate and the different Apostles. Also an account of the settlement of the North American continent, and the birth of the individualized spirit which has followed, with a report of the important work of establishing order in the dark sphere of the spirit, where the tribes of Israel and of Judah, with the gentile nations, have been gathered together around a platform of eternal justice: where Jesus, the Savior, with the Apostles, the witnesses of his earthly mission, have pronounced the expected justice. Also, many important reports from statesmen, poets and scientists, from clergymen and warriors, who have attained to honorable position in the annals of American history. 392 pages, ISBN 0766173550, $28.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Vohu Esfoma (1927), The voice of the signs of the times, being a series of addresses on the visible and invisible universes in relation to man with certain questions and answers on light and darkness. Through teaching and illuminative guidance, we have learned that true spirituality is forever indissolubly linked and associated with the highest unseen side of life and that on its expression hangs the destiny of nations and races. Contains addresses on the following topics: visible universe and its relation to man; invisible universe and its relation to man; current ideas regarding the creator as viewed in the light of Oahspe; revelations of Oahspe and their purpose; questions and answers. 238 pages, ISBN 0766140784, $22.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Womenís Masonry or Masonry of Adoption, The complete text of the earliest Masonic rituals written for women, originally published in 1765. "Adoptive Masonry" was much more than just the forerunner of the Order of the Eastern Star (OES), its participants were actually considered Masons. These rituals are much different from those of the OES, and are the oldest form of these degrees known. John Yarker and Albert Pike later produced their own versions of these degrees, but here's a chance to see what they were like before being reworked. One of the degrees concerns a reenactment of the temptation in the Garden of Eden, and is believed by some to have influenced the Mormon temple ceremony, which includes a similar theme. 112 pages, ISBN 1564599906, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Wonderful History of Virgilius the Sorcerer of Rome (1893), This history is told by men of High Germany, together with many rhymes made by men of France and Italy, now first put into the English tongue. Throughout nearly two thousand years that separate the time of Augustus Caesar from our own, the name of Virgil and his fame have been transmitted with undiminished luster through varying import, according to the creed and culture of those many succeeding generations by whom the tale of his glory was taken up and handed on to the present day. The present work represents Volume No. II of the Medieval Legends series. 78 pages, ISBN 0766180328, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Working Glossary for the Use of Students of Theosophical Literature (1892), This is an attempt to furnish students of Theosophical literature who are not Sanskritists with a glossary - nothing else - of the many Sanskrit and other strange words found so often in books and writings published and written by members of our Society. A guide to pronunciation is provided. 70 pages, ISBN 0766132560, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anrias, David , Adepts of the Five Elements (1934), An occult survey of past and future problems, with the horoscope of the Theosophical Society and that of various leaders in specific relation to it. This book illustrates how earth, air, water and fire control in varying degrees the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental consciousness of man. It is carried out from an astrological and occultist point of view. Included are the horoscopes for Annie Besant, C.W. Leadbeater, J. Krishnamurti and H.P. Blavatsky, in relation to the Theosophical Society, in addition to the horoscope of the United States. 102 pages, ISBN 0766133974, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anrias, David, Through the Eyes of the Masters (1932), Meditations and portraits. Containing insight into the future by the following Adepts: Rishi of Nilgiri Hills; Master Morya; Master Koot Hoomi; Master Jesus; Master Hilarion; Venetian Master; Master Serapis; Mahachohan; Lord Maitreya. With portraits of the Masters in previous incarnations. 104 pages, ISBN 0766132501, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anstey, F., Humor and Fantasy Vol. 1, Volume 1 of 2. This work consists of a series of novellas. Volume 1 includes ìVice Versa,î a tale based on an old story of a punctiliously polite Greek, who, while performing the funeral of an infant daughter, felt bound to make his excuses to the spectators for ìbringing out such a ridiculously small corpse to so large a crowd;î and ìThe Tinted Venus,î a tale of a talking statue of Aphrodite who takes Matildaís brother, Leander, as her own. 478 pages, ISBN 0766163865, $32.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anstey, F., Humor and Fantasy Vol. 2, Volume 2 of 2. This work consists of a series of novellas. Volume 2 includes ìA Fallen Idol,î regales the legend surrounding the fall of shrine of Chalanka and the attempt on the part of a highly cultivated Babu to connect it with certain events which form the European part of this story. How far this attempt may be justified, the historian telling the tale presumes not to decide, but he submits the tradition here for what it may be worth, on the bare chance that it may be accepted as shedding some faint light upon much that is otherwise inexplicable. Also found within is ìThe Talking Horse,î the tale of Gustavus Pulvertoft and the horse he rents for an afternoon jaunt, who finds Pulvertoft such a crummy rider that the horse MUST speak; ìSalted Almonds, Or Playing the Gameî and ìThe Brass Bottle.î 710 pages, ISBN 0766163873, $42.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anthony, Katharine, Catherine the Great (1927), This work is primarily a story wherein Anthony has woven the portrait of a real woman into the pattern of 18th Century politics. The reader is introduced to Catherine, the statesman, who unites Russia, destroys Poland and participates in the American Revolutionary War. The reader also sees Catherine, the jealous mistress of men, who at sixty has a lover of twenty-five. The book has particular interest in its bearing on Catherineís celebrated love life. 342 pages, ISBN 0766143511, $26.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Antoninus, Marcus Aurelius, Marcus Aurelius Antoninus to Himself (1928), This little volume is unique in ancient literature. To read it is to be admitted to intimate communion with one of the most remarkable men that ever sat upon a throne. Tireless, just, self-sacrificing administrator for over forty years, he brings to mind the line that Wordsworth used of Milton: ìThy soul was like a star, and dwelt apart.î Notebook, rather than diary, this record of his inner life shows on every page his persistent effort to state to himself without prejudice or predilection the real significance of the details of human experience, as these details affected the determination of his own feeling and his own action. 168 pages, ISBN 0766169952, $18.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Antrobus, Robert, Square of Sevens: A Rare 18th Century Work of Genuine Gypsy Card Reading, Originally published about 1735, this scarce work (only a few copies of a later edition are known to survive) reveals an authentic Gypsy Card Reading System. Contents: Preparing the Square; The Parallelogram; Summarizing the Aspect; Reading; Hearts; Clubs; Diamonds; Spades, and much more! Prefatory note by E. Irenaeus Stevenson. Esoteric! 112 pages, ISBN 1564594661, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Appel, Joseph H., Africaís White Magic (1928), White magic is replacing the worn out black magic of Africa. The magic of railroads, of motors, of airplanes; of growing cities, of widespread educational facilities, of stable government; of comfortable homes and efficient public buildings; of great farms reclaimed from jungle and swamp; of irrigation and sanitation; of the conquest of disease. It is the white magic of the new spirit of Africa, building a new continent on the indomitable spirit of the early pioneers. Africa is on the jump. Her hardy people are on their toes, meeting each problem that arises with an eagerness and will that must conquer. 212 pages, ISBN 0766170403, $20.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Appell, J.W., Monuments of Early Christian Art (1871), This volume is devoted to sculptures and catacomb paintings with illustrative notes collected in order to promote the reproduction of remains of art belonging to the early centuries of the Christian era. Discussion relative to statues in marble and bronze, sculptured sarcophagi and reliefs in marble, paintings in the Roman catacombs, and paintings in the catacombs of Naples are included, with a complete list of illustrations. 74 pages, ISBN 0766139239, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Apuleius, Apuleius, Cupid and Psyche and Other Tales from the Golden Ass, No one can have read or heard popular tales without meeting minor elements of all tales, such as the jealous sister familiar to us in the story of Cinderella, and the cruel stepmother or taskmaster who sets the tasks. It is in the combination that the artist shows his power; and of the tales of the world, it is hardly too much to say that this tale of Cupid and Psyche is the most beautiful and charming. 136 pages, ISBN 0766171507, $17.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Apuleius, Apuleius, Story of Eros and Psyche, Found within this work is the Story of Eros and Psyche from Apuleius and the first book of the Iliad of Homer. Apuleius was a Roman citizen born around 130 A.D. He inherited a large sum of money from his father, and after traveling extensively, he settled down to a literary life at Carthage where he was held in great honor. He is said to have been initiated in the mysteries of various religious fraternities. 90 pages, ISBN 0766144208, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Arcane Book Company, Arcane Book Company, Arcane Formulas or Mental Alchemy (1909), Contents: Egohood; Establishing the Ego; Will-Focalization; The Excluded Middle; Mastering the Opposites; Neutralizing Rhythm; Cyclicity and Balance; Mentalism in a Nutshell. 114 pages, ISBN 1564598586, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Arensberg, Walter Conrad, Burial of Francis Bacon and His Mother in the Lichfield Chapter House, An Open Communication to the Dean and Chapter of Lichfield Concerning the Rosicrucians. The Rosicrucians; Rosicrucian Connection With the Dean and Chapter of Lichfield; Baconian Mystery; Date of Baconís Death; Baconís Wills; Baconian Key Cipher; Key-Texts. 112 pages, ISBN 1564591131, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Arensberg, Walter Conrad, The Cryptography of Shakespeare Part One (1922), A volume devoted to the controversial claim that Francis Bacon wrote Shakespeareís works. Contents: Acrostics and anagrams; The simple anagrammatic acrostic; The compound anagrammatic acrostic. 294 pages, ISBN 0766128148, $24.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Armistead, Wilson, A Tribute for the Negro (1848), Being a vindication of the moral, intellectual and religious capabilities of the colored portion of mankind; with particular reference to the African race. Illustrated by numerous biographical sketches, facts, anecdotes, etc. and many superior portraits and engravings. The purpose of this volume, in contradiction to the idea of the Negro being designed only for a servile condition, is to demonstrate that the Sable inhabitants of Africa are capable of occupying a position in society very superior to that which was generally assigned to them at the time this work was originally published. 618 pages, ISBN 0766159868, $38.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Armistead, Wilson, Tales and Legends of the English Lakes (1891), In the following pages the reader will find a narrative of a few of the romantic stories the Lake district affords. The district, it is true, is not particularly rich in historical incidents; nor has it been the scene of many great events; yet, it has been justly said by a popular writer, what it wants in history it more than makes up in poetry. The interest of a country abounding in spots the most attractive in themselves, is greatly enhanced by the local associations attaching to it, its connection with bygone days, be they of the historical or legendary kind. 288 pages, ISBN 0766161919, $24.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Armitage, Frederick, A Short Masonic History Being an Account of the Growth of Freemasonry and Some of the Earlier Secret Societies (1909), Modern Freemasonry evolved from secret societies and within this book the author attempts to pick out the truth from the fantasy among various writers who had written on the topic of secret societies. He hopes he has succeeded in this volume. A sampling of the topics he includes are: Knights Templar, Roman builders, Eleusinians, Pythagoreans, Vehmegerichte, Essenes, Gregorians, Gormogons, Orange Society, and many others. 196 pages, ISBN 0766138402, $19.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Armitage, Frederick, Short Masonic History (1911), Contents: kingís Masonís; alchemists; the craft in its early days; Grand Lodge at York; Book of Constitutions; ritual; legend in the Third Degree; Mark Degree; royal ark mariners; royal arch; Templar Masonry; knights of Malta; earlier higher degrees; Royal Order of Scotland; ancient and accepted Scottish rite; some other higher Masonic degrees; Cagliostro and his Egyptian order; lady Masons; list of authors quoted. Wonderful illustrations and prints. 204 pages, ISBN 0766133699, $20.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Armstrong, Robert Cornell, Light from the East Or Studies in Japanese Confucianism (1904), A volume in the University of Toronto Studies in Philosophy. This work is presented to the public in the hope that it will throw light on some of the formative elements of Japanese civilization, and lead to a better understanding of Japanese character and life. Armstrong endeavors to give an outline of the history of Japanese Confucianism. The title is given to this book because any intensive study of thought in Japan involves more or less knowledge of Korea, China and India. The schools of Confucianism, which originated in China in the Sung and Ming dynasties, assimilated much from Northern Buddhism which comes from India. 362 pages, ISBN 0766157989, $26.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Armstrong, W. C., Life and Adventures of Captain John Smith, 1859. This book is comprised of an account of Captain John Smith's travels in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Also, the early history of Virginia and New England, including sketches of Pocahotas, Powhatan, Opechancanough, and other distinguished characters. Principally compiled from his own works. Partial Contents: War in the Netherlands, Siege of Alba Regalis, Battle of Girke, Revolt of Wallachia.# 264 pages, ISBN 0766183238, $23.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Arnaldus, Arnaldus, Conservation of Youth and Defense of Age (1912), These are days when hygiene is earnestly preached, and, with somewhat abated zeal, is practiced. The fact that in the 13th century it was a popular and much appreciated study by the doctors and laymen of the Middle Ages deserves recognition, and most of the doctrines taught them can be safely followed now. The periodical starving cure as advised by Arnaldus is perhaps the method of which modern science accepts as particularly efficacious and advanced. This work embodies the matured advice of an experienced and popular physician of the 13th century. Written in Old English, it presents a good illustration of early 16th century English writing, spelling and book making. 52 pages, ISBN 0766166414, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Arnold, Aug. C.L., Philosophical History of Freemasonry and Other Secret Societies (1854), The secret societies of all ages considered in their relations with and influence on, the moral, social and intellectual progress of man. Through them came the new revelations of life, which contributed to the progress of Humanity. Contents: Importance of this History; Providential Character of these Institutions; Egyptian Mysteries; Secret Institution of Orpheus; Initiation at Eleusis; Secret Order of Pythagoras; Templars; Freemasonry; Second Period of Masonic History; Present Position of the Order; Christianity and Freemasonry; Thomas Paineís Essay on Freemasonry, with Comments. 286 pages, ISBN 0766128423, $24.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Arnold, Aug. C.L., Rationale and Ethics of Freemasonry (1914), The Masonic Institutions Considered as a Means of Social and Individual Progress. Contents: Ideal of the Masonic Society; Freemasonry of the Pyramids; Masonic Institution in Thrace - Orpheus; Hellenic Freemasonry; Freemasonry of Pythagoras; Odinic Freemasonry; Masonic Form of the First Christian Church; Essenean Freemasonry; Ancient Syrian Freemasonry; General Review of the Ancient Rite; Templar Masonry; Ancient Craft Masonry; Progress of Freemasonry Providential; Masonic Principle Eternal; Institution Based on Christianity; Freemasonry the Handmaid of Christianity; Masonic Charity and Moral Influence; Adaptation of Freemasonry to the Wants and Circumstances of Young Men; Philosophy of Mystery; Philosophy of Symbols and Signs; Lesson of Initiation; Obligations; Masonic Duty of Charity; Qualifications for Membership. 296 pages, ISBN 0766126900, $24.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Arnold, C.L., Signet of King Solomon Or The Freemasonís Daughter (1868), In this fictional work, the author endeavored to illustrate the principles of the institution of Freemasonry, or rather to reveal its high and glorious ideal. The author also wished to illustrate another great truth, that being that sin will sooner of later meet with its certain recompense, and can be atoned for only by labor, and its effects destroyed by works of charity and love. 286 pages, ISBN 0766154009, $24.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Arnold, Edwin, Hindu Literature (1900), Comprising the Book of Counsels; Nala and Damayanti; Sakoontala; Tamayana; Poems of Toru Dutt. 488 pages, ISBN 0766106403, $32.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Arnold, Edwin, Light of Asia (1879), In the following Poem I have sought by the medium of an imaginary Buddhist votary, to depict the life and character and indicate the philosophy of that noble hero and reformer, Prince Gautama of India, the founder of Buddhism. 250 pages, ISBN 1564594963, $22.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Arnold, Edwin, Pearls of the Faith (1883), Or Islamís Rosary Being the 99 Beautiful Names of Allah with Comments in Verse from various Oriental Sources. 338 pages, ISBN 0766102432, $26.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Arnold, Edwin, Poems (1880), Indian Song of Songs; Rajpoot Wife; King Saladin; Caliphís Draught; Hero and Leander; Three Roses; Rest; Adelaide Anne Procter; In Memoriam; Florence Nightingale; Translations From Greek Poets including Homer; Hesiod; Sappho; Anacreon; Mesomedes; Theocritus; Bion; Proclus. 264 pages, ISBN 0766102394, $23.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Arnold, Edwin, Secret of Death With Some Collected Poems (1886), Translated from the Sanskrit. The Secret of Death; The Epic of the Lion; The Rajahís Ride; Hindu Funeral Song; Song of the Serpent Charmers; Song of the Flour Mill; The Knightís Tomb; Hymn of the Priestess of Diana; The New Lucian; Death of the Princes Alice; A War Song of the Future; The Four Crowns; The Altar of Pity; On a Dead Lady; Serenade; Lydia; Dante and His Verses; The Lost Pleiad; Amadis of Gaul to Don Quixote; Shadow of the Cross; Christ Blessing Little Children; Discourse of Buddha; The Twelve Months. 260 pages, ISBN 0766102440, $23.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Arnold, Edwin, Song Celestial or Bhagavad-Gita (1885), Being a Discourse Between Arjuna, Prince of India, and the Supreme Being under the Form of Krishna. 186 pages, ISBN 0766102491, $19.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Arnold, Edwin Lester, Lepidus the Centurion: A Roman of Today (1901), This book is a work of fiction set in modern day Rome wherein Lepidus takes the reader on a journey of his civilization and life. The chapters are entitled: I exhume myself; sleeper awakened; and rehabilitated; some dinner and an alarm; Centurion plays centaur; interrupted explanation; Roman reflects; she comes; old love and the new; chapter of accidents; strange discovery; we picnic with our ancestors; love, the immortal; hero turns cynic; Lepidus philosophizes; some reproaches and a proposal; so as by fire; last resort; spoils to the victor, death to the vanquished. 312 pages, ISBN 0766163245, $25.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Arnold, Mathew, On the Study of Celtic Literature and on Translating Homer (1907), Penetrating insight into the mystical aspects of Celtic literature and Homer. 320 pages, ISBN 0766104362, $25.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Arrhenius, Svante, Life of the Universe Vol. 1 (1909), As conceived by man from the earliest ages to the present time. Contents: Cosmogonies of Primitive Races; Creation Myths of Ancient Civilized Races; The Most Beautiful and Profound Creation Myths; Cosmogonies of the Ancient Philosophies; Damn of Modern Ages: Multiplicity of the Inhabited Worlds. With over 15 diagrams and illustrations. 146 pages, ISBN 076612911X, $17.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Arthur, William, Religion Without God (1888), This volume is divided into two parts. Part I, entitled Positivism and Mr. Frederic Harrison contains the following chapters: general position of Comte; polity of Comte; philosophy of Comte; religion of humanity. Part II, entitled Agnosticism and Mr. Herbert Spencer contains the following chapters: Mr. Spencerís array of things unknowable; what suffices according to Mr. Spencer to place a thing beyond the line of the knowable; in what consists, according to Mr. Spencer, knowing a thing and not knowing it; is not all our knowledge partial and yet real; Mr. Spencerís doctrine of illusion and phenomena; Mr. Spencer on necessity and free will; Mr. Spencerís view of the origin of the universe; Mr. Spencerís replacement of God; Mr. Spencerís substitute for Christianity. 564 pages, ISBN 0766159329, $36.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Artman, Wm., Beauties and Achievements of the Blind (1862), The authorís intent in this book was to disseminate to the public a more correct and extended knowledge of blindness, and its effects upon mental and physical development. It was their hope to remove some of the most formidable obstacles that hedge up the way of usefulness and independence, for all who are placed in this condition; a condition to which every person is exposes. This subject is one of which so many false notions that these writers deemed it expedient to give the facts in such connections to best guard against being misunderstood. 388 pages, ISBN 076615629X, $28.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Arundale, Francesca, Idea of Rebirth Including a Translation of an Essay on Re-incarnation by Karl Heckel (1890), The recognition of the all important truth that the evolution of the human soul is carried on by means of successive experiences of life, will, when completely established, bring the essential principles of religion into line with our scientific appreciation of other natural laws. 156 pages, ISBN 0766105857, $18.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Arundale, George S., Freedom and Friendship the Call of Theosophy and the Theosophical Society (1935), The author describes the call of theosophy, a call to escape, to adjustment to the beyond, to a glorious and ceaseless becoming, a call to each of us to LIVE. Contents: Introduction; The Call; Two great purposes; Menace of dogmatism; Value of theosophy; Theosophy: the uncommon sense; Magic mirror; Secret doctrine; Friendship; Freedom; Truth; Our world of ignorance; Saving grace; Freedom and responsibility of our membership; Our society as a mother of movements; Our policy for the future; Dreams; Conclusion; Appendix. 536 pages, ISBN 0766131149, $35.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Arundale, George S., Lotus Fire: A Study in Symbolic Yoga (1939), The author states the origin of this book lies in the fact he had been interested in symbology as a means for conveying metaphysical conceptions within a very limited and tangible compass for a very long time. Divided into five books entitled: vigil of purification; symbols living and radiant; symbols released and dynamic; from the symbols to no symbol; symbols at work. Includes 7 stanzas from The Book of Dzyan and the four sources of wisdom. 702 pages, ISBN 0766134660, $42.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Arundale, George S., Mount Everest Its Spiritual Attainment (1933), Contents: Conditions of Discipleship; The Psychology of Yourself; Your Physical Body; Psychology of the Emotions and Mind; Psychology of the intuition and the Higher Consciousness; Individuality and Leadership; mount Everest; Laws and Principles. 208 pages, ISBN 0766102378, $20.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Arundale, George S., Nirvana (1926), Mr. Arundale hopes this account of his own experiences will help others to contact the royal consciousness of Nirvana. It is within the near reach, no doubt, of many, while some today, and many in days gone by, have known Nirvana as he could only hope to know it after long effort and concentration. Arundaleís own description is not, of course, of Nirvana as it actually is, even on the lowest subplane. It is of Nirvana as it appeared to him, of as much of Nirvana as he was able to assimilate. Much of the description is doubtless colored by him personally. 206 pages, ISBN 0766166465, $20.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Ash, Sholom, Sabbatai Zevi (1930), A tragedy in three acts and six scenes with a prologue and an epilogue. This is a translation of the Russian tragedy. Illustrated. 138 pages, ISBN 0766140059, $17.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Ashe, Jonathan, Masonic Manual (1843), Or lectures on Freemasonry: containing the instructions, documents and discipline, of the Masonic economy, with annotations and remarks. This volume is a manual to supply a summary of the principles and duties of the Brotherhood for lodges and individuals. 336 pages, ISBN 0766159280, $25.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Ashmand, J. M., Ptolemyís Tetrabiblos or Quadripartite Being Four Books of the Influence of the Stars, Newly Translated from the Greek Paraphrase of Proclus with a Preface, Explanatory Notes and an Appendix Containing Extracts from the Almagest of Ptolemy and the whole of his Centiloquy together with A Short Notice of Mr. Rangerís Zodiacal Planisphere and an Explanatory Plate. Everything you could possibly hope to discover about the occult proficiency of astrology is contained in this rare and scarce book. ìThe whole doctrine of astrology is commonly understood to have been completely overturned. 186 pages, ISBN 1564594076, $19.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Ashmole, Elias, History of the Most Noble Order of the Garter and the Several Orders of Knighthood in Europe (1715), Containing the antiquity of the town, castle chapel and college of Windsor; with their several officers: The foundation of the order by King Edward III. The statutes and annals at large, as they have been altered and amended. The habits, ensigns and officers of the order. The ceremonies of election, investiture and installment of Knights: The manner of their feasts; and the duties and fees payable on these occasions. Some account of the founders, with an exact list of all that have been installed since the institution, and their several coats of arms emblazoned. This is the most complete and profuse book on this Secret Order ever written. Ashmole was the mystery man of his day and was initiated into many secret societies. This is an extremely rare book and took us over 5 years to find! 582 pages, ISBN 0766100588, $36.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Ashmole, Elias, Theatrum Chemicum Brittanicum, Contains several poetical pieces of famous English philosophers who have written the Hermetique Mysteries. Faithfully collected into one volume, with annotations thereon, by Elias Ashmole. Contains Thomas Nortonís Ordinal of Alchemy; Ripleyís Compound of Alchemy, George Ripley to King Edward the Fourth, Verses Belonging to An Emblematical Scrowle; Charnockís Breviary of Natural Philosophy; Fragments Copied From Thomas Charnockís Own Handwriting; Liber Patris SapientiÊ; Hermes Bird; Geoffry Chaucerís The Tale of the Chanons Yeoman; The Work of John Dastin; Pearceís The Black Monke Upon the Elixir; Carpenterís Work; The Greene Lyon; Sir Edward Kelleís Work; Thomas Robinsonís De Lapide Philosophorum; and The Hermetís Tale. Many unusual and interesting plates. This book is very rare and highly recommended as a foundation of alchemical writing. 510 pages, ISBN 0922802890, $34.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Ashmole, Elias, Way to Bliss: In Three Books (1658), From the author of Theatrum Chemicum Brittanicum comes this highly prized and very scarce work. To our knowledge, this is the first ever reprint of this work on philosophy, hermetics, alchemy, Rosicrucianism, etc. Elias Ashmole played such a vast and prominent role in esoteric sciences (including founding the Freemasons of his time) that we are only now rediscovering this manís greatness of mind, intellect, and spiritual mastery. We searched the planet for this special book and only a blessing of luck allowed us to procure a copy for reproduction. This enlightening book may never be offered to you again. Buy it now while you can! 230 pages, ISBN 1564593479, $22.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Ashmole, Elias and Lilly, Lives of Those Eminent Antiquaries Elias Ashmole and Mr. William Lilly (1774), Written by Themselves; Containing, First, William Lillyís History of His Life and Times, with Notes by Mr. Ashmole; Secondly, Lillyís Life and Death of Charles the First and Lastly, The Life of Elias Ashmole, Esquire By Way of Diary. 410 pages, ISBN 0766104753, $29.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Ashton, John, Devil in Britain and America (1896), The author believes that all modern English books on the devil and his works are the same; they tell the same tales, are not illustrated and give the same cases of witchcraft. In this book, he has localized his facts and has provided 47 illustrations. Ashton gives a succinct account of demonology and witchcraft in England and America by using authorities not usually given and by a thorough research of ancient cases, using original sources. This volume brings to light many cases never before published. An appendix contains a list of books consulted in this work. 374 pages, ISBN 0766141675, $28.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Ashvagosha, Ashvagosha, Awakening of Faith, The reason for writing this book, generally speaking, is to induce all living beings to depart from the way of all sorrow and to obtain the highest happiness, instead of seeking the glitter of fame and the wealth of this world. It is to make clear the fundamental idea of the incarnate god (Tathagata) in man, and to lead all beings in the right way, avoiding error. It is to lead those ripe in goodness to the Mahayana faith without failing and to enable those ripe in goodness to continue in the Mahayana faith without failing. Contents: select bibliography; awakening of faith; translators supplementary matter. 60 pages, ISBN 0766176568, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Aspley, J.C., Greatest Business in the World (1927), The business of being a salesman. Contents: self-management; new competition; maker of jobs; civic leadership; opportunity; location; knowledge; show windows; personality; the future; great danger. 62 pages, ISBN 0766161595, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Atkinson, James, Shah Nameh Or The Persian Poet Firdausi (1832), The work here submitted to the public presents for the first time in the English language an abridgment of the heroic poem of the great poet of Persia. The Shah Nameh is indeed a history in rhyme. It comprises the annals and achievements of the ancient kings of Persia, from Kaiumers down to the invasion and conquest of that empire by the Saracens, in 636, an estimated period of more that 3600 years. It was finished in the 11th century, gathered from the tales and legends for ages traditionally known throughout that country, and in accordance with that origin, it abounds in adventures of the most wild and romantic description. 440 pages, ISBN 076617722X, $30.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Atkinson, William Walker, Dynamic Thought or the Law of Vibrant Energy (1906), This book is a marriage of the Ancient Occult Teachings to the latest and most advanced conception of Modern Science. Partial Contents: Things as They Are; The Universality of Life and Mind; Life and Mind Among the Atoms; The Paradox of Science; Forces of Nature; Law of Attraction; Theory of Dynamic Thought; Law of Vibrant Energy; Riddle of the Sphinx; Mystery of Mind; Finer Forces of the Mind; Thought in Action. 232 pages, ISBN 1564597687, $22.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Atkinson, William Walker, Law of the New Thought: A Study of Fundamental Principles and Their Application (1902), Contents: What is the New Thought; Thoughts are Things; The Law of Attraction; Mind Building; The Dweller on the Threshold; Mind and Body; The Mind and Its Planes; The Subconscious Plane; The Superconscious Faculties; The Soulís Question; The Absolute; The Oneness of All; The Immortality of the Soul; The Unfoldment; The Growth of Consciousness; The Soulís Awakening. 112 pages, ISBN 1564598462, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Atkinson, William Walker, Mastery of Being: A Study of the Ultimate Principle of Reality and the Practical Application Thereof (1911), Contents: Quest for truth; Basic principles of reality; Axioms of reality; Reality of spirit; Substance of spirit; Energy, life and law of spirit; Mind of spirit; Eternal Manifestation; Phenomenal universe; Nature of creation; Practical idealism; Creation of nature; Law 7 change; Immanent spirit; Creative power of thought; Identity with spirit. 198 pages, ISBN 1564596567, $20.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Atkinson, William Walker, Memory Culture: The Science of Observing, Remembering and Recalling (1903), Contents: The Subconscious Storehouse; Attention and Concentration; Acquiring Impressions; Eye Perception and Memory; Exercises in Eye Perception; Ear Perception and Memory; Association; Remembrance, Recollection and Recognition; The Cumulative System of Memory Culture; The Ten Question Thought System; Memory of Figures, Dates and Prices; Memory of Places, Faces; Names; and Artificial Systems. 112 pages, ISBN 1564597695, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Atkinson, William Walker, Memory: How to Develop, Train and Use It (1912), The success of every individual in his every day life, business, trade or other occupation depends in one way another upon possessing a good memory. The idea of cultivating a good memory is carried out in detail as the reader progresses with the various stages of the subject through this book. The reader will see that the first thing to do is to find something to remember; then to impress that thing clearly and distinctly upon the receptive tablets of the memory; then to exercise the remembrance in the direction of bringing out the stored facts of the memory; then to acquire the scientific methods of recollecting special items of memory that may be necessary at some special time. 206 pages, ISBN 0766159345, $20.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Atkinson, William Walker, Mental Fascination (1907), Reveals the fantastic powers of the mind. Contents: What is Mental Fascination; Among Animals; Impressionability; Experimental Fascination; The Dangers of Psychism; Oriental Fascination; Future Impression; Establishing a Mentative Centre; Personal Atmosphere; Direct Personal Fascination; Eye-Impression; Fascination of the Eye, plus more. 254 pages, ISBN 1564597679, $23.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Atkinson, William Walker, Mind and Body or Mental States and Physical Conditions (1910), Contents: The Subconscious Mind; Sympathetic System; The Cell-Minds; Mental Basis of Cure; History of Psychotherapy; Faith Cures; Power of the Imagination; Belief and Suggestion; Psychotherapeutic Methods; Reaction of the Physical. 208 pages, ISBN 0766102742, $20.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Atkinson, William Walker, Mind Power: The Secret of Mental Magic (1912), The Mental Dynamo; Nature of Mind Power; Mentative Induction; Mental Magic in Animal and Human Life; Desire and Will in Fable; Personal Magnetism; Channels of Influence; Instruments of Expression; Four Kinds of suggestion; How Suggestion is Used; A Glimpse of the Occult Worlds; Self-Protection; Mental Healing Methods; Mind-Building. 444 pages, ISBN 076610091X, $30.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Atkinson, William Walker, Practical Psychomancy and Crystal Gazing (1907), A Course of Lessons on the Psychic Phenomena of Distant Sensing, Clairvoyance, Psychometry, Crystal Gazing, Practical Instruction, Exercises, Directions, Capable of Being Understood, Mastered and Demonstrated by any person of average Intelligence. 112 pages, ISBN 0766102475, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Atkinson, William Walker, Reincarnation and the Law of Karma (1908), A Study of the Old-New World Doctrine of Rebirth and the Spiritual Cause and Effects. Contents: The Early Races; Beliefs of the Egyptians, Chaldeans, Druids, Romans, Greeks, Jews, Essenes, Hindus, and early Christians; The Modern West; Between and Beyond Incarnations; The Justice of Reincarnation; the Argument for Reincarnation; The Proofs of Reincarnation; Arguments Against Reincarnation; The Law of Karma. 250 pages, ISBN 0766100790, $22.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Atkinson, William Walker, Telepathy: Its Theory, Facts, and Proof (1910), Contents: What is Telepathy; The Nature of the Problem; Experimental Telepathy; The English Experiments; More English Experiments; The Weltmer Experiment; The Theories. 112 pages, ISBN 1564597326, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Atkinson, William Walker, Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World (1906), Contents: Law of attraction in the thought world; Thought-waves and their power of reproduction; About the mind; Mind building; Secret of the will; How to become immune to injurious thought attraction; Transmutation of negative thought; Law of mental control; Asserting the life force; Training the habit mind; Psychology of the emotions; Developing new brain cells; Attractive power-desire force; Law, not chance. 140 pages, ISBN 1564596605, $17.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Atkinson, William Walker, Your Greater Self or The Inner Consciousness, 1908. This includes a course of lessons on the unexplored regions of the mind, the subliminal self, the superconscious mind, the subconscious mind automatic mentation, intuition, instinct, psychic forethought and other wonderful phases of the great within. Contents: Inner Consciousness; The Planes of Consciousness; The Basements of the Mind; The Mental Storehouse; Making-over Oneself; Automatic Thinking; Inner-conscious Helpers; Forethought; The Leland Method; Intuition and Beyond.# 94 pages, ISBN 0766184781, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Atwater, Richard, Secret History of Procopius (1927), The historian Procopius was not a Latin. He was born in Caesarea in Palestine about 500 AD, and apparently was one of those Samaritans whom he mentions in the ìSecret Historyî as adopting Christianity for formal protection and not at all for spiritual reasons. In the following text, the chapter divisions are those of the manuscript. Here is a narrative with the fascination of the elder Dumas; but it is more than a collection of anecdotes of intrigue, it is a history, in which the purple past of Rome lives again in spirited pictures, thrown, if you care for a further metaphor, upon the screen of the present. 298 pages, ISBN 076617039X, $24.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Atwood, Albert W., Mind of the Millionaire (1926), Few subjects arouse more widespread discussion than the motives, mental processes, and behaviors of the rich. The actions of the millionaire and the reasons for them - these are the topics on which all men feel free to express an opinion. Contents: his likeness unto other men; elements of exaggeration; motives of fortune makers; adventitious elements; ethics of fortune making; service and reward; varieties of fortune makers; the rich man and his investments; extravagance and the rich; law of diminishing returns; rich as prey and pasture; chains of circumstance; responsibilities of wealth; givers and their motives; what becomes of the rich manís income; wealth and service; Rockefeller fortune. 268 pages, ISBN 0766160297, $23.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Atwood, Mary Anne, Suggestive Inquiry into the Hermetic Mystery with a Dissertation on the More Celebrated of the Alchemical Philosophers Being an Attempt Towards the Recovery of the Ancient Experiment of Nature (1918), Introduction by Walter Leslie Wilmshurst. "Alchemy is philosophy; it is the philosophy, the seeking out of the Sophia in the mind." Theory of Transmutation; The Golden Treatise; The True Subject; The Mysteries; Experimental Method; Manifestation of the Matter; Mental Requisites and Impediments; The Gross Work; The Six Keys; Rewards and Potencies. 692 pages, ISBN 0766108112, $41.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Aubrey, Frank, Devil Tree of El Dorado: A Novel (1897), One of the avowed objects of this book is to stimulate public interest and arouse public attention to the considerations that actually underlie the ìVenezuelan Question,î as well as to while away an idle hour for the lovers of romance. Illustrated. 426 pages, ISBN 0766162435, $30.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Aubrey, Frank, King of the Dead: A Weird Romance (1903), Don Lorenzo approaches Arnold Neville to lead an expedition into the South American interior. Neville refuses, so Lorenzo kidnaps his fiancÈ and her mother, challenging Neville to follow. Arnold and his friend, Gordon Leslie, take up the chase. They encounter a scientist and his daughter. Manzoni as he was called had once lived in a city not far away, where Lorenzo is the leader, being called Lyostrah. Manzoni was actually the hereditary king, but was exiled. Lyostrah wants Neville to become his second in command, but Arnold refuses. All the while, weird events are occurring. Ogres from a huge fortress in the center of the land are killing and eating people in the night. Alloyah, the arch-priestess, becomes jealous of Lyostrahís attention being centered on Nevilleís fiancÈ, so she uses her power to raise the dead. Will Manzoni prevail and be restored as the rightful heir to the throne? 296 pages, ISBN 0766163032, $24.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Aubry, Octave, Empress Might Have Been: The Love Story of Marie Valevska and Napoleon (1927), Among the readers of this novel there may be a few who will note with horror that in the misspelling of the heroineís name a new pang has been added to the sorrows of Countess Walewska. The translator takes refuge in the fact that a historical romance admits of greater license than a work of pure history. In the forlorn hope of saving the beautiful Marie from a horrendous fate, the translator has taken certain phonetic liberties with a patronymic which, after all, was not her own. Contents: 1808; The Divorce; The New Empress; The Island of Elba. 360 pages, ISBN 0766169944, $26.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Audisio, Gabriel, Harun Al Rashid: Caliph of Baghdad, 1931. Contents: The Raid of the Saracens; The Mighty Caliphate; The Youth of Harun, Son of Mahdi; Agrippina on the Tigris; An Arabian Night of Kings; Harun Ascends the Throne; When a Barmecide Feast Spelled Plenty; A Bizarre Triangle; The Harem and the Hunt; Love Feasts; The Triumphs of the Black Flags; Harun and Charlemagne; The Days of Hymen; The Scorpions of Calumny; The Momentous Pilgrimage to Mecca; A Night of Muharram; Only God Knows the Truth; Supreme and Lonely; Islam Against Byzantium; The Rumble of the Distant Drum; The Last Call to Saddle; and The Trumpet of Israfil.# 266 pages, ISBN 0766186814, $23.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Audsley, George Ashdown, Color Harmony in Dress (1928), A practical manual on that most important of subjects: how to choose colors which harmonize at once with the wearerís complexion and with one another. In clear, nontechnical language Mr. Audsley explains the basic reasons for the harmony and discord of various colors and their modifications; he lists the principal color harmonies and indicates which of these are most suitable for each type of women. Such matters as simultaneous and successive contrast are fully discussed: and a final chapter considers the interesting question of symbolism and expression in dress. 142 pages, ISBN 0766101991, $17.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Audsley, W. G., Handbook of Christian Symbolism (1865), The authors wrote this little handbook with a desire to supply a want which had been felt by the students of Christian art. It was written with a desire to aid the great movement which was being made in all branches of Christian art. Illustrated throughout. 170 pages, ISBN 0766154378, $19.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Augustine, Saint, Confessions (1871), The object of the Saint was to illustrate the goodness and forbearance of Almighty God in bringing him, in spite of his loathsome manifold errors and infirmities, to this blessed haven of rest; that so others who were in the same state in which he had been, might not sleep in despair, and say, I cannot. St. Augustine speaks of his past sins in terms of strong condemnation, yet personally, of unconcern; as shocking in themselves, but as what he had no more to do with, in that he had condemned them, and they had been washed away by Baptism. 376 pages, ISBN 0766108139, $28.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Ault, Norman, Poetsí Life of Christ (1922), The editorís aim in this work was to reveal the extent to which the life and teaching of Christ have inspired the poets of the English-speaking race, and not least those who are not famed for their specifically religious poetry, as well as to illustrated that wonderful life itself by the poems thus inspired. Ault deliberately avoided including poems which may be found in collections of hymns. These poems come from widely varied sources, many not available to the general public. Many pieces are from anonymous sources, but often of unique beauty. The majority of the selections are from the poets whose names are familiar to everyone. 304 pages, ISBN 0766162958, $24.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Aurand, A. Monroe, Pow Wow Book (1929), This work is three volumes in one. The Pow Wow Book is a treatise on the art of healing by prayer and laying on of the hands, etc., practiced by the Pennsylvania-Germans and others; testimonials; remarkable recoveries; popular superstitions; etc. Also found within is an account of the famous ìwitchî murder trial at York, Pennsylvania. In Pow Wows; or Long Lost Friend, Mr. Hohman presents the complete collection of remedies and cures which were in popular use since 1820. 192 pages, ISBN 0766166740, $19.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Avalon, Arthur, Principles of Tantra Part II (1916), This volume contains the Tantratattva of Shriyukta Shiva Chandra Vidyarnava Bhattacharyya Mahodaya. The work here translated is that on an Indian mind unaffected by Western thought. Apart from its intrinsic merits, it has such value as being the record of the views of an English educated Hindu, who finds in the conclusions of recent Western science a corroboration of his ancient Eastern beliefs. Its author modestly says: ìI have attempted to give the reader the result of a general survey of the philosophy upon which Tantrik Sadhana, or self-culture, is based. But in so recondite and unfamiliar a subject, when the correctness of every individual interpretation may be called in question, the reader is requested to go himself to the source, and there, with faith and devotion, and under the guidance of a Guru, drink of its waters.î 588 pages, ISBN 076616599X, $36.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Avebury, Lord, Marriage, Totemism and Religion: An Answer to Critics (1911), This work endeavors to answer the critics on the theory that the institutions of man develop with considerable uniformity all over the globe, although as races advance, they naturally diverge more or less under the influence of different climate, food and other conditions. Contents: on the absence of marriage amongst the lowest races of man; on the origin and evolution of marriage; totemism; witchcraft and magic; religion. 254 pages, ISBN 0766145913, $23.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Ayre, John, Catechism of Thomas Becon (1844), This volume contains the Catechism of Thomas Becon, Chaplain to Archbishop Cranmer, Prebendary of Canterbury, with other pieces written by him in the reign of King Edward VI. Contents: The Catechism; Jewel of Joy; Principles of Christian Religion; Fruitful Treatise of Fasting; Castle of Comfort; Solace of the Soul; Fortress of the Faithful; Christian Knight; Homily Against Whoredom. 676 pages, ISBN 0766171752, $41.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Babbitt, Edwin D., Principles of Light and Color (1878), Including among other things: The Harmonic Laws of the Universe; the Etherio-Atomic Philosophy of Force; Chromo Chemistry; Chromo Therapeutics; and the General Philosophy of the fine Forces;Together with Numerous Discoveries and Practical Applications. Illustrated. Engravings. 290 pages, ISBN 0766105377, $24.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Babbitt, Edwin D., Religion As Revealed by the Material and Spiritual Universe (1881), Within this text, the author criticizes Christianity, or rather Churchianity. In so doing, he has glorified Christ. Within this criticism, he has been bluntly consistent with his conception of truth, thus hurting the feelings of those he greatly esteemed. Contents: existence and general character of God; God as a spirit; deific location and mode of working; nature of God; deific greatness and glory; moral evil and deific perfection; deific law and human intercession; how man helps govern the universe; creeds and practices of Christianity; danger of infallible standards; Christian Bible tested; religions tested by their fruits; ethics and religion of nature; life under the old religions; life under a spiritual religion; death under the old religions; death under a spiritual religion; future life. Richly illustrated. 372 pages, ISBN 0766138011, $28.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bacon, Francis, Advancement of Learning, With a Brief Memoir of the Author. Bacon a gifted Rosicrucian, Freemason, Statesman, Scientist, and definite author of the Shakespearean plays, describes the pratical use, nature, and benefit of knowlege. Complete with how to use the power of reasoning to discover the truth. 160 pages, ISBN 156459436X, $18.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bacon, Francis, Collection of Apophthegms New and Old, This is Francis Baconís collection of wise sayings of past personalities. ìThe Apophthegms are pointed speeches, and certainly they are of excellent use. ëThe words of the wise are as gods,í saith Solomon. They serve to be interlaced in continued speech. They serve to be recited upon occasion of themselves. I have for my recreation amongst more serious studies, collected some few of them. 112 pages, ISBN 1564594769, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bacon, Francis, Essays, Civil and Moral; New Atlantis; Areopagitica; Tractate on Education; Religio Medici: Part 3 Harvard Classics, 1909. Contents: Essays or Counsels, Civil and Moral; New Atlantis, by Francis Bacon. Areopagitica; A Speech for the Liberty of Unlicensed Printing. Miltonís Tractate on Education. Religio Medici Parts 1 and 2 by Sir Thomas Browne.# 352 pages, ISBN 076618210X, $26.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bacon, Francis, Essays or Counsels, Civil and Moral, Contents: Of Truth; Death; Unity in Religion; Revenge; Adversity; Simulation and Dissimulation; Parents and Children; Marriage and Single Life; Envy; Love; Great Place; Boldness; Goodness, and Goodness of Nature; Nobility; Seditions and Troubles; Atheism; Superstition; Travel; Empire; Counsel; Delays; Cunning; Wisdom for a Man's Self; Innovations; Dispatch; Seeming Wise; Friendship; Expense; The True Greatness of Kingdoms and Estates; Regimen of Health; Suspicion; Discourse; Plantations; Riches; Prophecies; Ambition; Masques and Triumphs; Nature in Men; Custom and Education; Fortune; Usury; Youth and Age; Beauty; Deformity; Building; Gardens; Negotiating; Followers and Friends; Suitors; Studies; Faction; Ceremonies and Respects; Praise; Vain Glory; Honor and Reputation; Judicature; Anger; Vicissitude of Things; A Fragment of an Essay of Fame; On Death. 182 pages, ISBN 1564592286, $19.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bacon, Francis, Great Instauration and the Novum Organum, Partial Contents: The Interpretation of Nature; The Empire of Man; The Reign of Man; Natural and Experimental History; Phenomena of the Universe; The Names of the Winds; Sympathy and Antipathy of Things; Sulfur, Mercury and Salt; Life and Death; Scaling the Ladder of Intellect; plus much more! 262 pages, ISBN 1564596389, $23.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bacon, Francis, History of Life and Death (1638), With observations natural and experimental for the prolonging of life. This work is written in Old English text and due to the age of the original we reproduced, some pages may be found to be faded or spotty. 336 pages, ISBN 0766162729, $25.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bacon, Francis, Keys for Deciphering the Greatest Work of Sir Francis Bacon (1916), This book contains little discussion, but includes highly illustrated indexes of letters and symbols, tables, alphabets and other media used in deciphering the works of Francis Bacon. Set forth in a method to make even the amateur understand how to decipher Baconís works. 104 pages, ISBN 076613234X, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bacon, Francis, Meditations Sacrae and Human Philosophy, Contents: The Works of God and Man; Miracles of our Saviour; Innocency of the Dove and the Serpent; Charity; Earthy Hope; Impostors; The Church and the Scripture; Colours of Good and Evil. 112 pages, ISBN 1564596419, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bacon, Francis, New Atlantis, This is one of Bacon's most mysterious and prophetical works. References to the philosophy of the Rosicrucians and Freemasons are abundant. It is maintained that the New Atlantis was the blueprint for the founding of America. "This fable my lord devised, to the end that he might exhibit therein a model or description of a college, instituted for the interpreting of nature, and the producing of great and marvellous works for the benefit of man, under the name of Solomon's House, or the College of the Six Days' Works.î This book must be read by anyone interested in mystical history. 112 pages, ISBN 1564592308, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bacon, Francis, On the Interpretation of Nature, Contents: On the Interpretation of Nature; True Hints on the Interpretation of Nature; The Phenomena of the Universe; Natural History of the Basis of Natural Philosophy; Description of the Intellectual Globe. 112 pages, ISBN 1564596451, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bacon, Francis, Sylva Sylvarum: Or a Natural History in Ten Centuries, Baconís famous Natural History fully explained. 142 pages, ISBN 1564596397, $17.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bacon, Francis, Tale of the Shakespeare Epitaph (1888), Cut of the original Shakespeare Epitaph as preserved by Stevens and Malone. Correct, as verified by Francis Bacon, except in the omission of two punctuation marks with the word He.Re., as restored by Charles Knight. Includes Francis Baconís bilateral alphabet, applicable as a cipher to any writing in two kinds of letters, as Roman and Italic, large and small, specially marked, etc. 234 pages, ISBN 0766127796, $22.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bacon, Francis, Thoughts on the Holy Scripture, Compiled by Rev. John G. Hall. Partial Contents: Brief sketch of Lord Baconís life; A prayer of Lord Baconís; Moses the lawgiver, and Godís first pen; Genesis; Leviticus; Numbers; Deuteronomy; Kings; Job; Psalms; Proverbs; New Testament. 410 pages, ISBN 0766100421, $29.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bacon, Francis, Thoughts on the Nature of Things, Contents: Theory of the Firmament; Observations of Nature; Principles of Nature according to the Fables of Cupid and Heaven; Concerning Light and the Matter of Light; Aphorisms and Advises of Concerning the Helps of the Mind and the Kindling of Natural Light. 112 pages, ISBN 1564596427, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bacon, Francis, Tragedy of Anne Boleyn (1901), A drama in cipher found in the works of Sir Francis Bacon, deciphered by Elizabeth Wells Gallup. Contents: Francis Baconís bi-lateral cipher, the deciphered secret story; Tragedy of Anne Boleyn; Appendix; Sir Francis Baconís cipher story, discovered and deciphered by Orville W. Owen. An entire play allegedly extracted by cipher from Shakespeareís other plays. 224 pages, ISBN 076612827X, $20.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bacon, Francis, Wisdom of the Ancients, Cassandra, or Divination; Typhon, or a Rebel; The Cyclops, or the Ministers of Terror, Narcissus, or Self-love; Styx, or Leagues; Pan, or Nature; Perseus, or War; Endymion, or a Favorite; The Sister of the Giants, or Fame; Actaeon and Pentheus, or a Curious Man; Orpheus, or Philosophy; Coelum, or Beginnings; Proteus, or Matter; Memnon, or a Youth too Forward; Tithonus, or Satiety; Juno's Suitor, or Baseness; Cupid, or an Atom; Diomedes, or Zeal; DÊdalus, or Mechanic; Ericthonius, or Imposture; Deucalion, or Restitution; Nemesis, or the Vicissitude of Things; Achelous, or Battle; Dionysus, or Passions; Atalanta, or Gain; Prometheus, or the State of Man; Scylia and Icarus, or the Middle Way; Sphynx, or Science; Proserpina, or Spirit; Metis, or Counsel; The Sirens, or Pleasures. 112 pages, ISBN 1564592294, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bacon, Francis, Works of Lord Bacon Vol. 1 (1837), Volume one of a four volume set of the complete works. With an introductory essay and portrait. Containing the philosophical works of the proficiencies and advancement of learning, divine and moral; Sylvia Sylvarum, or a natural history in ten centuries and physiological remains and medical remains; works moral, essays or counsels of good and moral; theological works; works political to a true report of the detestable treason. 486 pages, ISBN 0766128490, $32.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bacon, Francis, Works of Lord Bacon Vol. 2 (1837), Volume two of a four volume set of the complete works. A continuation of Volume 1 containing works political beginning with The Proceedings of the Earl of Essex; law tracts, the elements of the commons laws of England and maxims of the law; writings historical. 400 pages, ISBN 0766133850, $29.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bacon, Francis, Works of Lord Bacon Vol. 3 (1837), Volume three of a four volume set of the complete works. A continuation of Volume 2. Containing the letters in the reign of Queen Elizabeth; letters in the reign of King James; letters, speeches, charges, advices; and instauratio magna. 450 pages, ISBN 0766138186, $31.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bacon, Francis, Works of Lord Bacon Vol. 4 (1837), Volume four of a four volume set of the complete works. A continuation of Volume 3 containing instaurationis magnae parts I through V. 406 pages, ISBN 0766138437, $29.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bacon, Roger, Roger Bacon's Letter, Concerning the Marvelous Power of Art and Nature and the Nullity of Magic together with notes and an account of Baconís Life and Work. 112 pages, ISBN 1564592782, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bacon, Roger, Root of the World and Magical Letter, This book contains two essays by Roger Bacon entitled The Root of the World wherein the bodies of all natural things being as well perfect as imperfect from the origin of time; and The Magical Letter of Roger Bacon concerning the marvelous power of art and of nature and concerning the nullity of magic. 62 pages, ISBN 0766175782, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bacon, William, Salvation Made Sure (1826), This book is an attempt to show that all Christians do not attain the full assurance of hope, that all Christians can attain it, the way to attain it, and the importance of attaining it; with an appendix containing some remarks on the nature of spiritual darkness, together with some directions to those who are laboring under it. Due to the age and scarcity of the original we reproduced, some pages may be spotty, faded or difficult to read. 162 pages, ISBN 0766174204, $18.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bade, William Frederic, Old Testament in the Light of Today A Study in Moral Development (1915), It is the endeavor of the author to meet, as un-technically as possible, the difficulties of men and women to whom the Old Testament is still a valuable part of the Bible, but who find it an indigestible element in the Biblical rationale of their beliefs. A frank evaluation of the morals of the Old Testament in the light of historical criticism is the only effective solvent. For this reason the author has not been content merely to record facts, but has applied to them the moral judgments which lie implicit in the thought of moral progress. 346 pages, ISBN 076613587X, $26.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Badger, H.W., Great Pyramid and Talks on the Great Pyramid (1881), Found in this volume are two smaller essays. H.W. Badger is the author of The Great Pyramid, in, but not of, Egypt: its claims to be for a sign and for a witness unto the Lord of Hosts in the land of Egypt, as announced in the scriptures of his Holy Prophet Isaiah. Talks on the Great Pyramid by D. Davidson discusses pyramid prophecy and current events. 76 pages, ISBN 076615016X, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baerlein, Henry, Diwan of Abu'l-Ala (1915), An effort has been made to render in this book some of the poems of Abu'l-Ala the Syrian who was born 973 years before Jesus Christ and some forty-four before Omar Khayyam. But the life of such a man could not be told within the space at our command; it will, with other of his poems, form the subject of a separate volume. 112 pages, ISBN 0766106071, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baggally, W.W., Telepathy Genuine and Fraudulent (1918), The author is an experienced investigator of supernormal phenomena and within this book has set down some of his experiences in connection with telepathy. Includes chapters dealing with: genuine telepathy; fraudulent telepathy; Zancigs. Baggally gives accounts of actual cases, experiments and methods used by the public in the transmission of thought. 86 pages, ISBN 0766135640, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baikie, James, Egyptian Papyri and Papyrus-Hunting, A survey of work among the papyri in Egyptian archaeology. With 32 plates. Contents: Book 1, Ancient papyri: Papyrus and its use as a writing material; Use of the papyrus in Ancient Egypt; First papyrus-hunters; Ancient Egyptian Papyri in modern times; Ancient papyri: historical and legal; Ancient papyri: poetry; Ancient papyri: fiction; Funerary papyri. Book 2, Greco-Roman papyri: Modern papyrus-hunting; Theological and literary texts; Official, legal, and personal documents and letters. 390 pages, ISBN 0766130592, $28.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baikie, James, Glamour of the Near East Excavation (1927), An account of the treasure hunt for the buried art, wisdom and history of the ancient East, from the Nile to Babylon, the adventures, disappointments and triumphs of the hunters and the knowledge thus acquired of the ancient world. To the writerís mind, there is no more romantic story than that of the resurrecting of the great historic past which has been and is being accomplished by the excavators of the present. Illustrated. 372 pages, ISBN 0766149129, $28.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bailey, Alice A., Consciousness of the Atom (1922), Seven Lectures: Field of Evolution, Evolution of Substance; Form or Group Evolution; Evolution of Man the Thinker; Evolution of Consciousness, Goal of Evolution.; Cosmic Evolution. 162 pages, ISBN 0766100464, $18.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bailey, E.H., Astrology and the Cards, This manual is to show the astrological and scientific basis of a pack of ordinary playing cards and to help the reader glean some of the inner meanings and symbolism of the cards. Contents include: astrological basis of the cards; significance of the four suits; how to make the card horoscope; influences of the diamonds, hearts, clubs, spades; some general rules for judgment; illustrations of card horoscopes; how to calculate directions; how to forecast the future; an illustration of directions. 66 pages, ISBN 0766133990, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bain, Alexander, Mental Science: A Compendium of Psychology and the History of Philosophy (1868), This volume was designed as a textbook for high schools and colleges. This treatise contains a systematic exposition of mind, and a history of the leading questions in mental philosophy. The exposition of mind contains the leading positions; and a sufficient number of examples were provided to make them understood. In regard to the controverted questions, Mr. Bain entered fully into the history of opinion, so as to exhibit the different views, both formerly, and at present, entertained on each. Divided into four books entitled: movement, sense and instinct; intellect; emotions; will. 564 pages, ISBN 0766162796, $36.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bain, James L. Macbeth, Christ of the Holy Grail (1910), The great Christ of the cosmos and the little Christ of the soul, being a word of spiritual doctrine to the practical mystics of our day, and supplementary to ìThe Brotherhood of Healersî. This work is divided into three Parts with Part 1 concerning the Holy One of Blessing, the Father and the Mother, the Unnameable and in its body is found the life or whole doctrine of the other two parts. Part 2 concerns the genesis, growth and life of the Son of God in the soul, while Part 3 concerns the powers of the Holy Spirit the comforter, or the spirits of the Christhood in whose communion is the fellowship of the Holy Ghost. 126 pages, ISBN 0766141748, $17.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bain, James Leith MacBeth, In the Heart of the Holy Grail (1911), Being the hymns and prayers of the Christ-child to the Christ-mother. They are suited for the various services of healing and are supplementary to ìThe Christ of the Holy Grail.î 222 pages, ISBN 0766149420, $20.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bain, James Leith Macbeth, Jesus-Healer (1919), Before we can be acceptable as servants of love, we must, with the full consent of our understanding and our will, have put our old selfhood with all his prides and inane belongings under the feet of the lowliest soul, for "Jesus from the ground suspires," and the Jesus in us is always lowlier that the lowliest of our kind. 130 pages, ISBN 0766105865, $17.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bain, R. Nisbet, Turkish Fairy Tales and Folktales (1896), These stories were collected from the mouths of the Turkish peasantry by the Hungarian savant, Dr. Ignatius Kunos, during his travels through Anatolia. He compares the treasure of Turkish folklore to precious stones lying neglected in the byways of philology for want of gleaners to gather them in, and warns the student of ethnology that when the railroad actually invades the classic land of Anatolia, these poetical myths and legends will be the first victims of Western civilization. 304 pages, ISBN 0766146359, $24.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baird, George W., Great American Masons, Contents: Russell A. Alger, Lewis Cass, Henry Clay, Samuel L. Clemens (Mark Twain), Henry Dearborn, Josiah Hayden Drummond, Stephen Girard, Jeremy Gridley, Alexander Hamilton, John Hancock, Winfield S. Hancock, Nickolas Herkimer, Sam Houston, Andrew Jackson, Andrew Johnson, Elisha Kent Kane, Morgan Lewis, John A. Logan, George B. McClellan, Hugh Mercer, John Muhlenberg, Thomas Nelson, Robert T. Paine, Robert E. Peary, William Pinkney, James K. Polk, Raul Revere, Arthur St. Clair, Winfield S. Schley, Richard W. Thompson, Stephen Van Rensselaer, Joseph Warren, William Whipple, David Wooster. 122 pages, ISBN 1564590534, $17.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baker, Aleta B., Causal Essence Personified (1928), A short study of primitive language. The author states the study of this little book will open the pages to the readerís own book of life, wherein he will find more clearly defined than any words of another can ever portray, for the primitive language constantly unfolds before the eyes of the student who, with an open mind, earnestly studies the realities of life behind the veils of matter. 126 pages, ISBN 0766140490, $17.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baker, G.P., Constantine the Great and the Christian Revolution (1930), This book is a description of the Christian revolution, of its causes and some, at any rate, of its results. Not all revolutions are equally successful. But the Caesarian and Constantinian had results which affected the whole of western civilization from that day to this. Christianity did not make the world safe for merely itself by singing hymns and distributing tracts to the heathen. By making himself the champion of the church, he won an empire for himself and his sons, and immortal fame for his name. Contents: first death; Diocletian; Constantius, Constantine and the beast; start from York; second career; conquest of Italy; Illyrian campaign; new empire; conquest of the east; Rome and Constantinople; problems of the north and south; testament of Constantine; second death. 382 pages, ISBN 0766172929, $28.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baker, Ray Stannard, Woodrow Wilson: Life and Letters, Princeton 1890-1910, 1927. A record of Wilsonís early years. The narrative in this volume carries through his service as President of Princeton University and his dramatic fight for educational reform. Contents: The Princeton Professor: 1890-1902; Travels In Europe; The Author; President of Princeton University; The Quad Struggle; and The Graduate College Controversy. See other titles by this author available from Kessinger Publishing.# 398 pages, ISBN 0766186253, $29.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baker, Ray Stannard, Woodrow Wilson: Life and Letters, Youth 1856-1890, 1927. A biography of Wilsonís early years. The narrative in this volume is based upon Wilsonís documentary record, personal and official. Contents: The Wilsons and the Woodrows; Boyhood in Georgia: 1858-1870; Adolescence: 1870-1874; The Princeton Student: 1875-1879; University of Virginia: 1879-1880; The Lawyer: 1882-1883; Ellen Axson; Johns Hopkins: 1883-1885; The Educator; Bryn Mawr: 1885-1888; and Wesleyan: 1888-1890. See other titles by this author available from Kessinger Publishing.# 392 pages, ISBN 0766186261, $28.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bakewell, Charles M., Source Book in Ancient Philosophy (1907), The Milesian School; The Eleatic School; Heraclitus; The Pythagorean Philosophy; Empodocles; Anaxagoras; The Atomists; The Sophists; Socrates; Plato; Aristotle; The Stoics; Epicurus; Lucretius; Epictetus; Marcus Aurelius; Plotinus. 410 pages, ISBN 0766101479, $29.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baldwin, Edward, The Pantheon or Ancient History of the Gods of Greece and Rome, 1814. For the use of schools, and young persons of both sexes. The purpose of this book is to place the Heathen Mythology in two points of view: first, as it would have struck a Traveler in Greece, who wished to form a just conception of the Religion of the country, free from either favor or prejudice; secondly, regarding Mythology as the introduction and handmaid to the study of Poetry, the author has endeavored to feel his subject in the spirit of a poet, and to communicate that feeling to others.# 334 pages, ISBN 076619289X, $25.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baldwin, James, Story of Roland (1883), In this story of Roland as the author proposes to tell it, he introduces you to some of the most pleasing of those tales of France. The poems and legends which embody them were written in various languages, and at widely different times; but in them two names, Charlemagne and Roland, are of very frequent occurrence. Roland, the nephew of the Charlemagne of romance, and his companion in all great enterprises, is unknown to history. Yet he is the typical knight, the greatest hero of the middle ages. His story is not a mere transcript of the old romances. Illustrated. 380 pages, ISBN 0766173739, $28.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baldwin, James Mark, Fragments in Philosophy and Science Being Collected Essays and Addresses (1902), This volume is made up of papers written by the author over a period of fifteen years concerning philosophy and science intermingled. The group of philosophical essays are introductory to a developed view of the world. The volume also includes a large number of critical and historical papers. Selected contents: the idealism of Spinoza; recent discussion in materialism; the cosmic and the moral; psychology past and present; the origin of emotional expression; the perception of external reality; feeling, belief and judgment; an optical illusion; types of reaction. 404 pages, ISBN 0766137074, $29.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baldwin, John D., Ancient America in Notes on American Archaeology (1872), Ancient America-the mound builders; Who were and antiquity of the mound builders; Mexico and Central America; Antiquity of the ruins; Whence came this civilization; American ancient history; Aztec civilization; Ancient Peru; Peruvian ancient history. 300 pages, ISBN 1564596575, $24.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baldwin, John D., Pre-Historic Nations or Inquiries Concerning Some of the Great Peoples and Civilizations of Antiquity and their Probable Relation to a still Older Civilization of the Ethiopians or Cushites of Arabia (1869), Preliminary Suggestions Relative to the Current Chronologies, the Relation of Hellas to Civilization, and the Meaning of Prehistoric Times; Prehistoric Greatness of Arabia; The Phoenicians; Cushite or Arabian Origin of Chaldea; India, Sanskrit, and Ante-Sanskrit; Egypt Previous to Menes; Africa and the Arabian Cushites; Western Europe in Prehistoric Times. 416 pages, ISBN 0766101436, $29.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baldwin, S.D., Armageddon Or U.S. in Prophecy (1854), The overthrow of Romanism and Monarchy; the existence of the United States foretold in the Bible, its future greatness; invasion by allied Europe; annihilation of monarchy; explanation into the millennial republic, and its dominion over the whole world. Contains the prophetic history of the whole world and the discovery completed in 1852. 484 pages, ISBN 0766135594, $32.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Balfour, Walter, Inquiry Into the Scriptural Import of the Words Sheol, Hades, Tartarus and Gehenna: All Translated Hell (1825), The simple object of the author in this inquiry is to examine the foundation on which the doctrine of endless misery is built. This doctrine rests on the fact or the falsehood that a place called hell, in a future state, is prepared for the punishment of the wicked. This inquiry is principally for the purpose of investigating, if what has been taken for granted by the one party, and conceded by the other, is a doctrine taught in scripture. 348 pages, ISBN 0766159469, $26.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Balfour, Walter, Three Essays on the Intermediate State of the Dead (1828), This volume contains a series of essays on the resurrection from the dead and on the Greek terms rendered judge, judgment, condemned, condemnation, damned, damnation, etc. in the New Testament. Also with remarks on Mr. Hudsonís letters on vindication of a future retribution, addressed to Mr. Hosea Ballou of Boston. 360 pages, ISBN 076615985X, $26.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Ball, C.J., Light From the East Or the Witness of the Monuments (1899), An introduction to the study of biblical archaeology with over 200 illustrations throughout the text. Contents: Mesopotamian documents which illustrate Genesis; Asiatics in Egypt; Egypt and Syria; Pharaohs in Syria; Israel in Egypt, scenes from Egyptian life; the Exodus; Old Testament ethnography; so-called monuments of the Hittites; Assyrian warfare and military engines; Sennacherib; ancient monuments of the period of the captivity of Judah; Phoenician monuments. 382 pages, ISBN 0766135535, $28.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Ball, J. Dyer, The Celestial and His Religions Or The Religious Aspect in China (1906), These lectures were delivered at the Young Menís Christian Association in Hong Kong in the spring of 1906. In short lectures of this kind there must be much condensation on many points and many omissions. The aim has been to try and present a short account of what these different systems in China have been, and are, so as to enable those who have not the time or opportunity to delve deeper to gain some knowledge of these marvelous and wonderful schemes of philosophy, atheism, idolatry and self-righteousness, combined with nicer traits of character and gentler sides of human nature and with occasional lovely touches - all mixed up in China at the present day with the grossest superstitions. 262 pages, ISBN 0766177343, $23.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Ball, Richard, An Astro Physical Compendium or A Brief Introduction to Astrology, 1697. Wherein any person of an ordinary capacity may (with ease) give a certain, true and rational judgment upon any question demanded, by the motion of the Celestial bodies, being furnished with all necessary rules thereto. To which is added, the Nature of most physical English herbs, and what planet governs each of them; as Also the true time of gathering them astrologically and how to apply them according to the Nature of the Distemper and Part afflicted. Due to the age and scarcity of the original we reproduced, some pages may be spotty, faded or difficult to read.# 166 pages, ISBN 0766192822, $18.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Ballard, Harlan Hoge, Tilerís Jewel (1921), In the first place this Masonic novel was written for the sheer fun of the thing. But underlying the fun there was a deeper purpose, namely to tell of a thorough old fashioned American Mason, and through his homely sayings, and strong convictions and emotions, to set forth the principles of belief and conduct taught in the Lodge. It's a good clean story, and will give you new light on Masonry. 142 pages, ISBN 0766107388, $17.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Balliett, L. Dow, Day of Wisdom According to Number Vibration (1917), Contents: The Trinities; Success Through Vibration; Numbers and Names; Delineation of Numbers; The Spiritual Birthday; Living in Matter Instead of Spirit; The Will; Masters; Writers; The Healer; Reincarnation; Horse Racing; Stocks; Money; Things that Seem Lost; The Earth; Magnetic or Electric; The Weight; The Weather; Music; Prayer. 188 pages, ISBN 1564598489, $19.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Balliett, L. Dow, How to Attain Success Through the Strength of Vibration (1913), Contents: The Principles of Vibration; The Trinity; What Your Name Means; Business; Choosing a Husband or Wife; Pythagorasí Law of Opposites; Your Colors, Trees, Fruits, Guardian Angels, Saints; the Strongest and Weakest Part of your Body; Gems You should Possess; Your Birds; Composers Whose Music Has a Message for You; Symbols; etc. 112 pages, ISBN 1564599019, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Balliett, L. Dow, Natureís Symphony (1911), Lessons in Number Vibration. Contents: Name or the level of consciousness; Mission of the birth force; Cosmic adjustment, foods, colors, diseases; Harmony in dress, its relation to the Cosmos; Music of the Spheres. 124 pages, ISBN 1564596494, $17.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Balliett, L. Dow, Number Vibration In Questions and Answers (1918), Mrs. Balliettís philosophy of number vibration is set forth in a question and answer form. Includes such topics as magnetism, Light of the World, numbers in the Trinity, color and what each number symbolizes. Many references to historical people and events. 90 pages, ISBN 0766131262, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Balliett, L. Dow, Philosophy of Numbers: Their Tone and Colors, Partial Contents: Your first birth; Individual colors, when and how did we first receive them; Use of birth vibrations; Meaning of colors; Exercises to develop your own vibration or birth digit; Your name-its color and sound; How to read a name correctly; What have I been doing in the past? Music of the trees; practical use of colors and notes; Spiritual birthday; Esoteric value of numbers; Money-its vibration; Esoteric value of gems; Furnishing room in their own colors; Colors and the possibilities of the (U.S.) States and character of the people they attract. 166 pages, ISBN 1564596524, $18.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Balliett, L. Dow, Universal Music: The New Note (1922), Contents: what is music; new note, its use; trinity; foreign languages; Pythagoras chart; Balliett musical chart; Balliett chart silent notes; Balliett chart, value of; how to tune the body as a musical instrument; color and meaning of notes, original music; music notes of music and birth path for you to act to music in your own way of Eduard Hdgrup Grieg; time, harmony and melody; song of life; color; some of the silent or unknown voices. 94 pages, ISBN 0766148688, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Ballou, Hosea, Ancient History of Universalism (1842), This treatise presents the history of universalism from the time of the apostles to its condemnation in the Fifth General Council, 553 AD, with an appendix tracing the doctrine down to the era of the Reformation. The attentive reader will discover that the ancient history of universalism is naturally distinguished, by certain peculiarities, into three successive periods: the first, extending to the year 190; the second running to the year 390 or 394; and the third, reaching to the Fifth General Council in 553 AD. Due to the age and scarcity of the original we reproduced, some pages may be spotty, faded or difficult to read. 312 pages, ISBN 0766172260, $25.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Ballou, Hosea, Treatise on Atonement (1812), In this treatise, the finite nature of sin is argued, its cause and consequences as such; the necessity and nature of atonement; and its glorious consequences in the final reconciliation of all men to holiness and happiness is discussed. Due to the age and scarcity of the original we reproduced, some pages may be spotty, faded or difficult to read. 238 pages, ISBN 0766172821, $22.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Ballou, Hosea, Voice to Universalists (1849), The work, now laid before the public, consists partly of original pieces written by Mr. Ballou for this volume, and partly of articles from his pen which have already appeared in different periodicals. One object with the original publisher was to call forth, from the venerable author, some new contributions to the great cause to which he had devoted his life; some additional counsels, which his brethren may receive as a legacy, and some fresh testimony which the world may regard as the maturest dictate of long experience and reflection. Due to the age and scarcity of the original we reproduced, some pages may be spotty, faded or difficult to read. 330 pages, ISBN 0766173143, $25.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Ballou, Maturin M., Aztec Land (1890), Locality and political divisions of Aztec Land; the route to Mexico; Zacatecas; a Mexican watering place; city of Mexico; extinct volcano; city of vistas; Benito Juarez's grandest monument; restaurants; the shrine of Guadalupe; castle of Chapultepec; Puebla, the sacred city; ancient Cholula; down into the Hot Lands; the city of Vera Cruz; Jalapa; Santa Rosalia. 370 pages, ISBN 0766105741, $28.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Balzac, Honore de, Christ in Flanders and Other Stories (1908), This is No. 284 of Everymanís Library. Almost all the pieces herein contained were early work, written when Balzac was under the combined excitement of his emergence from the valley of the shadow in which he had toiled so long, and of the heat and stress of the political and literary Revolution of 1830. All of them show his very freshest matured power, not as yet in the slightest degree sicklied over by any excessive attempt to codify or systematize. 380 pages, ISBN 0766170365, $28.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Balzac, Honore de, Country Doctor; Quest of the Absolute and Other Novels, The present work also contains the stories entitled: Commission in Lunacy; Unknown Masterpiece; Christ in Flanders; Melmoth Reconciled; The Red House; and The Atheistís Mass. Illustrated. Honore de Balzac was considered the greatest novelist of France and was the founder of the realistic novel. His novels sought to demonstrate the molding effect of social environment on the raw material of human personality. His novels have more than 2,000 characters from all phases of contemporary life. 808 pages, ISBN 0766171175, $45.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Balzac, Honore de, Works of Honore de Balzac Vol. 1, Volume 1 of 2. Honore de Balzac was considered the greatest novelist of France and was the founder of the realistic novel. His novels sought to demonstrated the molding effect of social environment on the raw material of human personality. His novels have more than 2.000 characters from all phases of contemporary life. In this volume, the reader will find the following works: At the Sign of the Cat and Racket; Ball at Sceaux; The Purse; Madame Firmiani; Pierrette; and Vicar of Tours; A Bachelorís Establishment; and Honorine. Illustrated. 814 pages, ISBN 0766170241, $46.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Balzac, Honore de, Works of Honore de Balzac Vol. 2, Volume 2 of 2. Honore de Balzac was considered the greatest novelist of France and was the founder of the realistic novel. His novels sought to demonstrated the molding effect of social environment on the raw material of human personality. His novels have more than 2.000 characters from all phases of contemporary life. In this volume, the reader will find the following works: The Chouans: Ambuscade, Notion of Foucheís, Day Without a Morrow; Passion in the Desert; The Gondreville Mystery: Trials of the Police, Corentinís Revenge, Political Trial in the Time of the Empire; Muse of the Department. Illustrated. 808 pages, ISBN 0766170268, $45.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bangs, John Kendrick, Alice in Blunderland: An Iridescent Dream (1907), Like Alice in Wonderland, Alice in Blunderland is the fantastic tale of Alice in a land where nothing is as it should be. We travel to Blunderland, where children live in the Municipal Home of the Children, the Duchess is their mother while the City is their father. We encounter the dormouse, the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat and the other characters so familiar to us from our childhood. This is a witty, humorous tale of adventure and city politics. Illustrated. 130 pages, ISBN 0766163806, $17.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Barber, H.L., Making Money Make Money Or A Primer of Investing (1920), Why do the rich become richer and the poor poorer? The things that make for happiness are here. Why do they not confer a universal benefit? This is a big vital question and the author attempts to answer it in this book. He tries to show how that universal benefit that should come to the people CAN come. He tries to show a bloodless revolution that can bring back what has been lost and preserve what is yet here, and what is yet to come. 320 pages, ISBN 0766160459, $25.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Barclay, Edgar, Ruined Temple Stonehenge, Its history and a short account of questions associated with it. Contents: cause of the erection of Stonehenge; foreign stones; completion of the temple; its desecration and mutilation; Irish legend; period of indifference and neglect; period of modern inquiry; meaning of the design; writers on Stonehenge, showing the course the inquiry has taken; on what the present theory of high antiquity rests. 102 pages, ISBN 0766149250, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Barclay, Florence L., In Hoc Vince: The Story of the Red Cross Flag (1915), As the authorís contribution to the tribute of universal sympathy and admiration, this short story was presented which bore upon the great events of the past months. This story was offered to His Majesty the King of the Belgians, and it is fact, true in its main details, given as it reached the author, in the sublime simplicity of a soldierís letter from the front. 50 pages, ISBN 0766170934, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Barclay, Robert, An Apology for the True Christian Divinity (1877), Being an explanation and vindication of the principles and doctrines of the people called Quakers. The author stated he wrote this book not to feed the wisdom and knowledge, or rather, vain pride of the world, but to starve and oppose it. This is a brief, but true, account of the Quakerís principles in some short theological propositions. 550 pages, ISBN 0766139336, $35.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Barclay, Robert, Anarchy of the Ranters and Other Libertines (1676), The hierarchy of the Romanists and other pretended churches, equally refuted and refused, in a twofold apology for the church and people of God called in derision Quakers. Wherein they are vindicated from those that accuse them of disorder and confusion on the one hand, and from such as calumniate them with tyranny and imposition on the other, showing that as the true and pure principles of the gospel are restored by their testimony, so is also the ancient apostolic order of the Church of Christ reestablished among them and settled upon its right basis and foundation. Due to the age and scarcity of the original we reproduced, some pages may be spotty, faded or difficult to read. Written in Old English. 92 pages, ISBN 0766169413, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Barclay, Robert, Apology for the True Christian Divinity Being an Explanation and Vindication of the Principles and Doctrines of the People Called Quakers (1780), This work presents the world with a brief, but true account of the Quakersí principles, in some short theological positions, which, according to the will of God, proving successful, beyond Mr. Barclayís expectation, to the satisfaction of several, and to the exciting in many, a desire of being farther informed concerning the Quakers, as being everywhere evil spoken of; and likewise meeting with public opposition by some, so long as the devil rules in the children of disobedience. He presents this apology of the truth held by those people. Due to the age and scarcity of the original we reproduced, some pages may be spotty, faded or difficult to read. Written in Old English. 606 pages, ISBN 0766167577, $37.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Barclay, Robert, Concurrence and Unanimity of the People Called Quakers (1711), This volume discusses the agreement of the Quakers in owning and asserting the principal doctrines of the Christian religion, demonstrated in the sermons or declarations of several of their public preachers, namely: Robert Barclay, George Whitehead, John Bowater, Charles Marshall, William Bingley, John Butcher, James Park, William Dewsberry, Francis Camfield, William Penn, Richard Ashby, Samuel Waldenfield, John Vaughton and Francis Stamper, exactly taken in shorthand as they were delivered by them at their meeting houses. Due to the age of the original we reproduced, some pages may be spotty or faded. Written in Old English. 210 pages, ISBN 076616747X, $20.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baring-Gould, S., A Book of Folklore, A study of some of the themes found in the folklore of the West of England. Topics include: The Spirit of Man; The Body of Man; The Ancient Divinities; Sacrifice; The Mystery of Death; Skulls; Pixies and Brownies; and Birth and Marriage.# 262 pages, ISBN 0766187101, $23.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baring-Gould, S., Cliff Castles and Cave Dwellings of Europe, 1911. This book contains findings of cliff castles and cave dwellings. It is an extensive account of how they came about and the varied people that are a part of these cultures. Partial Contents: Prehistoric Cave-Dwellers, Troglodytes, Souterrains, John Norris, Debyshire, The Hundred Yearsí War, Trosky, the Martyrium of Poitiers, Palestine, Egypt, Philo, Roderic, King of the Goths, Grotto of Lourdes, Humphrey Kynaston, Louis XI; 51 Illustrations and diagrams.# 386 pages, ISBN 0766183440, $28.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baring-Gould, S., Curiosities of Olden Times, 1896. This book contains a collection of articles, the majority of which were published in 1869. Contents: The Meaning of Mourning. Curiosities of Cypher. Strange Wills. Queer Culprits. Ghosts in Court. Strange Pains and Penalties. What are Women Made of? Flagellum Salutis. Hermippus Redivivus. The Baroness De Deausoleil. Some Crazy Saints. The Jackass of Vanvres. A Mysterious Vale. King Robert of Sicily. Sortes Sacrae. Chiapa Chocolate. The Philosopherís Stone.# 306 pages, ISBN 0766182355, $24.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baring-Gould, S., Curious Myths of the Middle Ages (1867), Contents: Wandering Jew; Prester John; Divining Rod; Seven Sleepers of Ephesus; William Tell; The Dog Gellert; Tailed Men; Antichrist and Pope Joan; Man in the Moon; Mountain of Venus; Fatality of Numbers; Terrestrial Paradise. 262 pages, ISBN 1564596516, $23.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baring-Gould, S., Death and Resurrection of Jesus (1888), This work contains ten lectures for Holy Week and Easter and continues the commentary on the passion and resurrection of Christ contained in this series of volumes. This forms the fifth of the series. Contents: Risen Saints; Rent Veil; Pierced Side; Descent From the Cross; Entombment; Great Sabbath; Spirits in Prison; Resurrection; Appearance to Mary Magdalene; Way to Emmaus. 92 pages, ISBN 0766174557, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baring-Gould, S., Family Names and Their Story, 1910. Contents: The Tattoo and Tribal Name. Sire Names. Totemism and Names. Castle and the Manor. The Village. The Town: Trade Names. Place Names. Anglo Saxon Names. Scandinavian Names. The Roll of Battle Abbey. French Names: Early; The Huguenot Refugees. Nick and Descriptive Names. Prefixes and Suffixes. Name Stories. The Evolution and Disintegration of Surnames. Scottish and Irish Surnames. Changed Names. Compound Names.# 428 pages, ISBN 0766182444, $30.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baring-Gould, S., Freaks of Fanaticism and Other Strange Events, 1891. Several of these articles are concerned with the history of mysticism, a phase of human nature that deserves careful and close study. Mysticism is the spiritual element which cannot be ignored, cannot be wholly suppressed, and is manís noblest element when rightly directed and balanced. Contents: Swiss Passion Play; Northern Raphael; Poisoned Parsnips; Murder of Father Thomas in Damascus; Some Accusations against Jews; Coburg Mausoleum; Jean Aymon; Patarines of Milan; Anabaptists of Munster.# 378 pages, ISBN 0766182940, $28.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baring-Gould, S., Further Reminiscences 1864 to 1894 (1925), This book is the continuation of the authorís ìEarly Reminiscencesî. Contents: Horbury-Brig; Dalton Ií Tí Muck; Honeymoon Tour; Mersea; Belgium, Germany and the Tyrol; The Eifel and the Algau Alps; Gould Family and Lew Trenchard; Freiburg; Lew Trenchard; Archbishop Temple; Devonshire Lore; Montafun Thal; Bohemia; Riesengebirge and Dresden; Folk Songs; Genoa and Rome; Rome Revisited; Dartmoor; Les Eyzies; Squab Pie. 332 pages, ISBN 0766173100, $25.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baring-Gould, S., Legends of the Patriarchs and Prophets and Other Old Testament Characters, 1881. An incredible number of legends exists connected with the personages whose history is given in the Old Testament. This list is lengthy, but by no means exhaustive. Partial Contents: Fall of the Angels; Adam and Eve; Fall of Man; Cain and Abel; Seth; Enoch; The Giants; Methuselah; Noah; Relics of the Ark; Prophets Eber and Saleh; Tower of Babel; Abraham; Melchizedek; Esau and Jacob; Joseph; Job; Jethro; Moses; Joshua; Judges; Samuel; Saul; David; Solomon; Elijah; Isaiah; Jeremiah; Ezekiel; Ezra; Zechariah.# 378 pages, ISBN 0766182460, $28.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baring-Gould, S., Origin and Development of Religious Belief Part 1 (1869), Part 1 is entitled heathenism and mosaism. Contents: seat of the religious sentiment; religious instincts; origin of the religious idea; idea of immortality; names of god; law of religious development; origin of polytheism; origin of mythology; idolatry; theocracies; ethics of religion; origin of monotheism; history of monotheism; pantheism; history of theosophy; idea of evil; asceticism and mysticism; sacrifice; sacraments; human ideals. 436 pages, ISBN 0766142779, $30.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baring-Gould, S., Our Inheritance: An Account of The Eucharist Service in the First Three Centuries, 1888. A history of the Holy Eucharist in the first ages of the Church in a form where reference is made to early Greek and Latin writers, as well as to the Jewish authorities, for those services of the ancient Church of the Old Covenant out of which the Christian Liturgy sprang. Contents include: The Framework; The Pedigree; The Constitutions of the Apostles; The Didache; Symmetrical Structure; The Clementine Liturgy; The Basilica; The Celestial Temple; The Collect; The Lections; The Gospels; The Dismissals; The Sabbath; The Jewish Morning Prayer; The Paschal Lamb; The Agape; The First-fruits; The Bread; The Wine; The Veil; The Kiss of Peace; The Vesture; The Litany of Intercession; The Preface; The Great Thanksgiving; The Consecration; The Discipline of the Secret; The Great Intercession; The Preparation; The Communion; The Post-Communion; Tradition; The Summing Up in One; and The Upper Chamber.# 478 pages, ISBN 0766185931, $32.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baring-Gould, S., Passion of Jesus (1885), This work contains seven discourses for Lent and continues the commentary on the passion and resurrection of Christ contained in this series of volumes. Contents: Council; Thirty Pieces of Silver; Passover; Last Discourse; Prayer and Hymn; Agony in the Garden; Betrayal. 108 pages, ISBN 0766174581, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baring-Gould, S., Sermons to Children, 1907. Sermons for: Advent; Christmas; Lent; Easter; Whitsunday; Trinity: The reformation; Betting; Diversities of Gifts; Purpose in Life; Cheerfulness; Shield of the Faith. Embertide; General: Harmony of Life; The Bible; Study; Duty to God; Bad Habits; Fatal Mistakes; Ridicule.# 194 pages, ISBN 0766182495, $19.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baring-Gould, S., Seven Last Words (1885), This work contains seven discourses for Lent and continues the commentary on the passion and resurrection of Christ contained in this series of volumes. Contents: First Word; Second Word; Third Word; Fourth Word; Fifth Word; Sixth Word; Seventh Word. 102 pages, ISBN 076617459X, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baring-Gould, S., The Book of Werewolves, 1865. Baring-Gould states that upon finding the superstition of werewolves so prevalent he decided to investigate the fascinating history and habits of these mythical creatures. Contents: Lycanthropy among the Ancients; The Werewolf in the North; Origin of the Scandinavian Werewolf; Werewolf in the Middle Ages; A Chapter of Horrors; Jean Grenier; Fork Lore Relating to Werewolves; Natural Causes of Lycanthropy; Mythological Origin of the Werewolf Myth; The Marechal De Rezt; A Galician Werewolf; Anomalous Case, The Human Hyaena; A Sermon of Werewolves.# 276 pages, ISBN 0766183076, $23.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baring-Gould, S., Trials of Jesus (1886), This work contains seven discourses for Lent and continues the commentary on the passion and resurrection of Christ contained in this series of volumes. Contents: Christ Before Caiaphas; First Condemnation; Denial; Second Trial; Before Pilate; Before Herod; Barabbas. 88 pages, ISBN 0766174573, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baring-Gould, S., Way of Sorrows (1887), This work contains seven discourses for Lent and continues the commentary on the passion and resurrection of Christ contained in this series of volumes. This forms an intermediate volume between ìThe Trials of Jesusî and ìThe Seven Last Words.î Contents: Scourging; Crown of Thorns; Gabbatha; Condemnation; Cross Bearing; Daughters of Jerusalem; Golgotha. 102 pages, ISBN 0766174565, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Barkel, K., Hermetic Philosophy Vol. II, I-Em-Hotep, speaking through the medium Mrs. K. Barkel, shares his wisdom. This book is intended for beginners, who, having proved survival through the many excellent channels provided by the Marylebone Spiritualist Association, have expressed a wish for further teaching concerning the ìwhence, why and whitherî of the soul. Contents: Light on the path; Laying the foundation; Preparation for initiation; Daily life on the path; Training of the mind; Training of the body; Hermetic ideals; Hermetic mysteries; Devic initiation; Stellar initiation; Lunar initiation; Appendix. 200 pages, ISBN 0766133168, $20.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Barker, A.T., Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett from the Mahatmas M. and K.H., Occult world series; Philosophical and theoretical teachings 1881-1883 Probation and chelaship; Phoenix venture and the condition of India; London lodge of the Theosophical Society; Spiritualism and phenomena; Miscellaneous letters. 564 pages, ISBN 0766127346, $36.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Barker, C.J., Pre-Requisites for the Study of Jacob Boehme, This is a necessary and helpful companion in understanding the obscure writings of Jacob Boehme. 112 pages, ISBN 0766100626, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Barker, Edward B.B., Mendal: A Mode of Oriental Divination (1874), The Mendal is a mode of Oriental divination, disclosing remarkable revelations in biology and psychology, giving the true key to spirit agency, and the nature of apparitions, and the connection between mesmerism and spiritism. And in the Second Part, Materialism, the source and necessary attendant on social disorganization. 308 pages, ISBN 0766148483, $24.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Barker, Trevor A., Hill of Discernment: Addresses to the Theosophical Society, Originally published following the death of the author, his work has had little editing, save obvious slips and inaccuracies, to leave his words as written under the urge of his ardent and sincere conviction. The book contains nearly all available addresses given in various parts of England to European Conventions of the Theosophical Society and various other meetings mainly to theosophical groups and lodges. 404 pages, ISBN 0766130959, $29.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Barley, Alfred H., What Do We Mean by Astrology, Book No. 10 of Alan Leoís Astrological Manuals Series. A book for the inquirer. This book sets before the everyday reader, clearly and without ambiguity, the principles of modern astrological practice. 114 pages, ISBN 076614285X, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Barnes, Arthur Stapylton, Holy Shroud of Turin (1934), Comments on the miraculous shroud, said to have been Jesusí burial cloth, and reactions to its public display. Illustrated with photographs. Contents: Introductory; Description of the shroud; Scientific investigation; Holy shroud and the Gospel narratives; Holy shroud as a record of the passion; Face of Christ; History of the holy shroud; Holy shroud and the Church; Holy shroud and Christian art. 92 pages, ISBN 0766134253, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Barnes, W.G., Business in the Bible (1926), This book contains references in the Bible to business transactions and occupations and is compiled with the following views: to create increased interest in Bible study for all types of people; to provide a book of reference on the subject of business matters mentioned in the Scripture; to suggest subjects for Bible classes and for lecturers and preachers; and to remind the reader that Christ Himself probably followed the occupation of a carpenter prior to his public ministry. 84 pages, ISBN 076616022X, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Barnett, L.D., Brahman-Knowledge: An outline of the Philosophy of the Vedanta as Set Forth by the Upanishads and by Sankara (1907), In the main, the Vedanta agrees with the teaching of Parmenides and the early Eleatics of his school, and has many points of contact with Plato's idealism. But whereas the Greek philosophers were only professors, the Vedanta has always had a deep practical significance. 166 pages, ISBN 076610608X, $18.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Barnett, L. D., Heart of India (1913), Sketches in the history of Hindu religions and morals. 128 pages, ISBN 0766106098, $17.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Barnum, P.T., Struggles and Triumphs Or Forty Yearsí Recollections of P.T. Barnum Vol. 1 (1871), Volume 1 of 2. This work is Barnumís recollections of forty busy years. There is an almost universal, and not unworthy curiosity to learn the methods and measures, the ups and downs, the strifes and victories, the mental and moral personnel of those who have taken an active and prominent part in human affairs. But an autobiography has attractions and merits superior to those of a ìlifeî written by another who cannot know all that helps to give interest and accuracy to the narrative. Barnumís narrative is interspersed with amusing incidents and even the recital of some very practical jokes. Such is simply because his natural disposition impels him to look upon the brighter side of life and he hopes that his humorous experiences will entertain the reader as much as they were enjoyed by himself. 402 pages, ISBN 0766155560, $29.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Barnum, P.T., Struggles and Triumphs Or Forty Yearsí Recollections of P.T. Barnum Vol. 2 (1871), Volume 2 of 2. This work is Barnumís recollections of forty busy years. There is an almost universal, and not unworthy curiosity to learn the methods and measures, the ups and downs, the strifes and victories, the mental and moral personnel of those who have taken an active and prominent part in human affairs. But an autobiography has attractions and merits superior to those of a ìlifeî written by another who cannot know all that helps to give interest and accuracy to the narrative. Barnumís narrative is interspersed with amusing incidents and even the recital of some very practical jokes. Such is simply because his natural disposition impels him to look upon the brighter side of life and he hopes that his humorous experiences will entertain the reader as much as they were enjoyed by himself. 460 pages, ISBN 0766155579, $31.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Barrett, B.F., The New Church: Its Nature and Whereabout (1877), Being a critical examination of the popular theory, with some illustrations of its practical tendency and legitimate fruits. Contents: Mr. Reedís idea of the New Church critically examined; Mr. Gilesí idea of the New Church carefully considered; illustrations of the practical tendency and legitimate fruits of the popular theory; where and what is the New Church; the new heaven and the new earth; a practical question. 216 pages, ISBN 0766166090, $20.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Barrett, E. Boyd, Jesuit Enigma (1928), The purpose of this story is to supply thoughtful readers with the means of forming a true estimate of Jesuitism. This story should serve alike as a counterblast to the extreme praise and the extreme blame that is customarily apportioned to the Society of Jesus. Some readers will regard it as a subtle attempt to undermine the accepted, traditional view of Jesuit villainy. They may even harbor the suspicion that the author has been subsidized by the Jesuits. Some will interpret the story as another attack on the Jesuits, and may even read into it a concealed attack on the Catholic Church. Such a view will no doubt be taken by sensitive friends of the Society of Jesus. 364 pages, ISBN 0766167216, $26.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Barrett, Francis, The Magus a Complete System of Occult Philosophy (1801), In this work, the author has collected many curious and rare studies and ideas in regard to the subject of natural magic, the Cabala, celestial and ceremonial magic, alchemy, and magnetism. Selected contents: use of astrology, amulets and charms, stones, alchemy, the four elements, magnetism, cabalistical magic, the composition of the magic circle. Illustrated with number charts, mystical alphabets, etc. 434 pages, ISBN 0766134520, $30.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Barrett, Gloria, Astrological Physiognomy a Key to the Ascending Sign and Decanate (1941), This text is designed as a tool to gain a knowledge of physiognomy and its correspondence with character and the astrological signs and planets. Contents: elementary foundation principles of astrology; astrological physiognomical correspondence; Mars; Venus; Mercury; the moon; the sun; Jupiter; Saturn; Uranus; Neptune; Pluto; Aries; Taurus; Gemini; Cancer; Leo; Virgo; Libra; Scorpio; Sagittarius; Capricorn; Aquarius; Pisces; the elements and the qualities; opposite signs; rhythm; the symbolic pictures and the principles; explanation of the stage of development tables; summary and application. Includes pictures of physiognomy for coinciding signs. 192 pages, ISBN 0766136523, $19.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Barrett, S.A., Ceremonies of the Pomo Indians and Pomo Bear Doctors (1917), These essays were originally published by the University of California Publications in American Archeology and Ethnology. During a residence in the Pomo region the existing vestiges of some of these Pomo ceremonies were observed whenever possible. Some information was obtained from informants of three Pomo dialects, Northern, Central and Eastern. In Ceremonies, Mr. Barrett presents information relative to the ceremonial organization, ghost or devil ceremony, Guksu ceremony, dances and the Messiah Cult. Bear Doctors is a dissertation surrounding one of the most concrete and persistent convictions of the Indians of a large part of California in the belief of the existence of persons of magic power able to turn themselves into grizzly bears. 76 pages, ISBN 0766166716, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Barrett, Sir William F., Psychical Research, Contents: Science and Superstition; Unconscious muscular action; Society for Psychical Research; Willing game and so-called thought-reading; Thought transference in both normal state and hypnotic state; Mesmerism, Hypnotism, Suggestion; Telepathy; Visual hallucinations, phantasms; Dreams and crystal-visions; Supernormal perception-seeing without the eyes; Divining, dowsing; Haunting; Spiritualism; Automatic writing-cross correspondence and survival after death. 254 pages, ISBN 1564596583, $23.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Barrett, Sir William F., On The Threshold of the Unseen (1918), An examination of the phenomena of spiritualism and of the evidence for survival after death. psychical research; conflicting objections of science and religion; levitation and impunity to fire; apparitions; proof of supernormal messages, the Ouija board; clairvoyance; divine ground of the soul; telepathy; and so much more. 356 pages, ISBN 0766127885, $26.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Barrows, Mary M., Value of Cheerfulness (1904), This is a compilation of helpful philosophy out of the material provided by various minds. Wilcox states in her introduction that one who compiles such a work does the world a greater service than he who creates an epic of despair. We must have books which arouse ambition, stimulate hope and renew courage. This work is such a book. 202 pages, ISBN 076614660X, $20.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Barry, John W., Masonry and the Flag, Contents: Freemasons Aid the Birth and Growth of America; Military; Industry; Science; Education; Entertainment; Our Legacy: A Source of Freedom and Justice for All; Salute to the Scottish Rite; Historical Facts; Educational Activities; Printed Publications; Films; Scottish Rite Hospitals; Supreme Council Foundation; Library, Archives and Robert Burns Collection. 114 pages, ISBN 1564590496, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Barry, Philip Beaufoy, Sinners Down the Centuries (1929), From Cleopatra to Cora Pearl and from Ovid to Edmund Kean, 69 BC-AD 1886. Contents: Cleopatra; Publius Ovidius Naso (Ovid); Abelard and Heloise; Francois Villon; Ninon de Lenclos; Aphra Behn; John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester; Francis Charters; Giacomo Casanova; Jeanne du Barry; Christian VII of Denmark and his Queen; Edmund Kean; Cora Pearl. 310 pages, ISBN 0766150674, $25.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Barry, Sister M. Inviolata, St. Augustine, The Orator: A Study of the Rhetorical Qualities of St. Augustineís Sermons Ad Populum (1924), This work is a dissertation submitted to the Catholic Sisters College of the Catholic University of America, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. The purpose of this dissertation is to make as accurate and complete a study as possible of St. Augustine the orator, as displayed in his sermons ad populum. Never before has a thorough study been made of the rhetorical qualities of the sermons of this most renowned of all preachers of the early Latin church. 274 pages, ISBN 0766166546, $23.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Barry, William, Papal Monarchy (1911), From St. Gregory the Great to Boniface VIII, 590-1303. A contribution to the Story of the Nations, it aims at brevity, clarity and accuracy in outline, but does not pretend to do more than open up a broad subject and present a sketch-map or general introduction to the works of Baronius, Muratori and other classic historians. The author is concerned with the facts of history and not with inferences and deductions from them. He presents this volume as a discussion into the Pope as a ruler of men, in affairs that may be viewed under a secular as well as a religious aspect. Handsomely illustrated with over 58 illustrations. 476 pages, ISBN 0766139875, $31.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Barsy, Carlotta de, Great Dream Book: Standard Explanations with Accurate List of Lucky Numbers (1899), As far back as history goes, evidences are found of a belief in Dreams. Not only are the ancient books of the Greeks, Romans and Hindus filled with allusions to the importance of Dreams, but the Bible contains many a startling instance of the reality of nightly visions. 214 pages, ISBN 1564598748, $20.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bart, Belle, Heavens Proclaim (1928), This book contains an analysis and explanation of the new astrology. It was the authorís primary aim at an exposition of the most useful phases of the new astrology. Ms. Bart wanted the reader to realize wherein it can be most useful and helpful to him. It renders invaluable service in vocational guidance, affording means for avoiding years, possibly a lifetime, of misspent energy and effort. 206 pages, ISBN 0766151263, $20.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bartlet, James Vernon, Apostolic Age: Its Life, Doctrine, Worship and Polity (1899), The author aimed at writing pure history, without staying to point out any far reaching moral. The Apostolic Age is generally taken to cover the period of forty years between the crucifixion and the destruction of the Temple. These years embrace the whole course of the two chief founders of the actual church of the 1st century: Peter, the Apostle of the Jew, and Paul, the Apostle of the Gentiles. 598 pages, ISBN 076615422X, $37.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bartlett, Harriet Tuttle, Esoteric Reading of Biblical Symbolism (1916), Contents: Mysteries; Metaphysical Ideas of the Ancient Hebrews; The Story of Creation; Significance of the Genealogy of Shem and the Work of Abraham and Lot; Noah and the Flood; The Significance of the Two Covenants of Abraham; Moses; Reincarnation in the Bible; Can Jesus be Identified in Other Lives; Are These Some Incarnations of Our blessed Christ; The Visions of Ezekiel; Jehovah Commanded No bloody Sacrifice; Light Thrown on Obscure Passages; Glossary of Symbols and Obsolete Words. 228 pages, ISBN 156459601X, $22.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bartlett, Harriet Tuttle, Jesus and Krishnamurti: Their Lives and Teachings (1928), An Attempt to throw Light upon the Present Day Advent of the Great Teacher. 112 pages, ISBN 0766101533, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Barton, Dunbar Plunket, Links Between Shakespeare and the Law (1929), A collection of various links which are discoverable between Shakespeare and the law, distributed under three principle headings. His relation to the Inns of Court and of Chancery are dealt with in Chapters 2, 3 and 4. His references to great Judges, famous advocates and celebrated trials are found in Chapters 5, 6 and 7. The rest of the book is taken up with his legal allusions, a path which has been trodden by other writers. 230 pages, ISBN 0766139204, $22.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Barton, William E., Abraham Lincoln and Walt Whitman (1928), This book had its inception in the discovery of what seemed to be an utterly unknown lecture on Abraham Lincoln by Walt Whitman. Mr. Barton set forth to discover how it happened that Whitman prepared this lecture and through what stages of development of its evolution could be traced. Mr. Barton had already written the life-story of Lincoln, and he restrained himself from writing a biography of Whitman. He undertook to relate so much of Whitmanís life-story as is connected with his writings on Lincoln, and this involved some consideration of the aim and spirit of his writings as a whole, and particularly his interpretation of the spirit of America, as he found it incarnate in Abraham Lincoln. Illustrated. 288 pages, ISBN 0766161390, $24.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Barton, William E., Women Lincoln Loved (1927), Abraham Lincoln appears to have loved many women throughout his lifetime. Found within this volume, written by the same man who wrote the Life of Abraham Lincoln, the reader will find sketches on the following women in Lincolnís life: Lucy Hanks; Betsy Sparrow; Bathsheba Lincoln; Nancy Hanks; Sarah Bush Lincoln; Sarah Lincoln Grigsby; the Johnston girls; the girl in the covered wagon; Katie Roby; Caroline Meeker; Polly Warnick; Ann Rutledge; Mary Owens; and Mary Todd. Illustrated throughout. 416 pages, ISBN 0766144143, $29.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Basset, William R., How to Solve Typical Business Problems (1928), This volume is yet another instructive book on business acumen by William Basset, Chairman of the Board of Miller, Franklin, Basset and Co., Inc. Contents: sweeping away the business cobwebs; selling at a profit; commonsense in selling; sound labor policy; commonsense way to pay wages; buying for profit; fewer varieties mean lower costs; cutting down the material cost; sensible credit policy; what finance really is; what the right cost system can do for you; getting executive leadership; making the factory a tool of production; how big should a business be; you must choose one of these policies. 236 pages, ISBN 0766165108, $22.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Basset, William R., Taking the Guesswork Out of Business (1924), Contents: guesswork vs. scientific planning; what are you going to sell; high cost of variety; taking the risk out of personal selling; taking the risk out of buying; eliminating the financial risk; to get the most out of advertising; choosing a sound credit policy; eliminating the risks of strikes; making sure of low production costs; making sure your prices are right; sure way to profits. 192 pages, ISBN 0766160831, $19.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bassett, Wilbur, Wander Ships Or Folk Stories of the Sea (1917), With notes upon their origin. The vast number of reported legends of uncanny ships may, perhaps, be reduced to the five classes represented by the five stories here presented, and they were selected for this reason. These stories are illustrative of these five classes, or reward ships, punishment ships, spectres, ships of the death voyage, and devil ships, because the story chosen in each instance appears to be a clear example of its own class, uncontaminated by elements belonging to the other classes, as is so frequently the case in folk stories. 136 pages, ISBN 0766166430, $17.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bastian, H. Charlton, Origin of Life (1911), Being an account of experiments with certain superheated saline solutions in hermetically sealed vessels, with ten plates containing numerous illustrations from photomicrographs. A dissertation into experiments made from 1906 through 1910 on the origin of life. Relates the effects of various outside factors on the experiments and results thereof. 154 pages, ISBN 0766131653, $18.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Batchelor, H. Crouch, Francis Bacon Wrote Shakespeare, The arguments pro and con frankly dealt with. The author incorporates his lecture that had the purpose of supporting the proposition that Francis Bacon wrote the whole of the literature which has passed under the name of Shakespeare, with considerable additions, to comprise this book. He states that not one objection to this theory which has been raised within his knowledge will be evaded or left unanswered. 146 pages, ISBN 0766142353, $17.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bates, Alfred, The Drama its History, Literature and Influence on Civilization, 1903. This volume focuses on Scandinavian Drama. Contents include: Norse Literature; Early Danish Drama; Oehlenschlager and His Successors; Hans Christian Anderson; Recent Danish Drama; Norwegian Drama, Bjornson; Bjornsonís Later Works, Kielland; Henrik Ibsen, Mission and Pessimism; Analysis of Ibsenís Dramas; and Swedish Literature and Drama.# 384 pages, ISBN 0766186296, $28.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bates, Finis L., Escape and Suicide of John Wilkes Booth (1908), Or the first true account of Lincolnís assassination, containing a complete confession by Booth many years after the crime. Giving in full detail the plans, plot and intrigue of the conspirators, and the treachery of Andrew Johnson, then Vice-President of the United States. This work was written for the correction of history. Illustrated. 352 pages, ISBN 0766160319, $26.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bates, Katherine, Do the Dead Depart? (1908), Some objections to spirit return;some instances of spirit return; a mothers guardianship in America; a curious illustration of spirit methods; biblical incidents; clairvoyance; automatic writing; materialization; how the dead depart; guardian children. 266 pages, ISBN 0766105962, $23.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Battersby, H. F. Prevost, Psychic Certainties, Contents: Advent of Metaphysics; Clairvoyance; Clairvoyant; Psychometry; Clairvoyant Pathology; Traveling Clairvoyance; precognition; Premonition; Telekinesis; Ectoplasm; Psychic Force; Materialization; The Sensitive; Metamorphoses of Matter; Air, Fire and Water. 224 pages, ISBN 0766103013, $20.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baudouin, Charles, Power Within Us (1923), Contents: thought as an agent; physical bases; personality and free development; inner life and individualism; concentration; emotional forces; effort and courage; personal ascendancy; bibliography. 200 pages, ISBN 0766155498, $20.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baudouin, Charles, Suggestion and Auto Suggestion (1927), This work contains a psychological and pedagogical study based upon the investigations made by the New Nancy School. Since the year 1910 there had been in progress at Nancy a psychological and medico-pedagogical movement which we are entitled to regard as one of the notable scientific happenings of the present epoch. The terms autosuggestion, the education of the will, the force of thought, self-control, have long been current. But with the rise of the New Nancy School, we have for the first time the elements of a really methodical synthesis of the phenomena and the disciplines which these terms connote. Contents: spontaneous suggestion; reflective suggestion; induced suggestion. 350 pages, ISBN 0766176290, $26.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baughan, Rosa, Influence of the Stars: A Book of Old World Lore (1889), In three parts, on astrology, chiromancy, and physiognomy, to which are added chapters on the significance of the moles of the body astrologically considered, the Mystical Wheel of Pythagoras and the methods of working it. Illustrated with nine plates. This is a practical guide to these arts. 220 pages, ISBN 0766132994, $20.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baxter, Richard, Saintsí Everlasting Rest (1758), This volume is considered one of the most valuable parts of Baxterís practical works. He wrote it when he was far from home, without any book to consult but his Bible, and in such an ill state of health as to be in continual expectation of death for many months. At this time, he fixed his thoughts on this heavenly subject. Heavenly rest is a subject in its own nature so universally important and interesting, and at the same time so truly engaging and delightful, as sufficiently accounts for the great acceptance of this book. 320 pages, ISBN 0766146677, $25.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bayley, Harold, Lost Language of Symbolism Vols. 1 and 2 (1912), Volume 1 of 2. This work contains an inquiry into the origin of certain letters, words, names, fairy tales, folklore and mythologies. In these studies, Mr. Bayley has taken all symbolism to be his province, but the subjects illustrated are previously uninterpreted printersí marks and paper marks. Most of these signs have entirely lost their primitive significance, and are now used purely for commercial purposes; but there was a time when they were not only trade signs, but were also hieroglyphics, under which the pearl of great price was revered. Part I: Parable of the Pilgrim; Ways of Ascent; The Millenium; Good Spirit; Hosts of the Lord; King Solomon; King Shulamite; Cinderella; Star of the Sea; Eye of the Universe; President of the Mountains. Part II: Heavenly Twins; White Horse; Sign of the Cross; Night of Fires; Stone Hinge; Garden of Allah; Tree of Life; Via Dolorosa; 780 pages, ISBN 0766176010, $44.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bayley, Harold, New Light on the Renaissance (1909), Displayed in contemporary. The authorís aim in presenting this book was to lay before the general reader certain remarkable facts relating especially to medieval papermaking and printing, but possessing an interest to the world at large. The history of papermaking remained to be written and the authorís investigations were sufficient to show a chronicle of deep and enduring interest. Illustrated. 278 pages, ISBN 076614528X, $23.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bayley, Harold, Shakespeare Symphony An Introduction to the Ethics of the Elizabethan Drama (1906), An analysis of Shakespeareís works in the context of the sociopolitical and literary atmosphere of his time. It has great relevance to the controversial claim that Bacon wrote Shakespeareís works. The author states: ìOn the one hand [this book] tends to support the claims made on behalf of Bacon and much to enlarge them, on the other [...] it reduces the subject, apparently ad absurdum.î Selected contents: Londonís Parnassus; The sweetness and gravity of the dramatic mind; Elizabethan audiences; Error, wit, and metaphor. 406 pages, ISBN 0766129810, $29.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baynard, Samuel Harrison, History of the Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree of Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Vol. 1, Volume 1 of 2. This work is a history of the Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree, Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States of American and its Antecedents. In 1933, the Supreme Council decided to make what has become an exhaustive research into the history of the Supreme Council and its antecedents, structural, philosophical and genealogical and to publish the results. Many facts are found within that were previously unknown. Some discussed and debated at length certain conclusions of the author, and a few persons even conducted researches of their own and sent in their findings. The result of which is found in this work. 548 pages, ISBN 0766165493, $35.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baynard, Samuel Harrison, History of the Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree of Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Vol. 2, Volume 2 of 2. This work is a history of the Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree, Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States of American and its Antecedents. In 1933, the Supreme Council decided to make what has become an exhaustive research into the history of the Supreme Council and its antecedents, structural, philosophical and genealogical and to publish the results. Many facts are found within that were previously unknown. Some discussed and debated at length certain conclusions of the author, and a few persons even conducted researches of their own and sent in their findings. The result of which is found in this work. 610 pages, ISBN 0766165507, $37.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baynes, Herbert, Way of the Buddha (1914), The object of this little book is to give the reader a succinct account of an Eastern sage whose doctrine of the Path has been accepted by millions of the human race, and whose influence is still felt at the ends of the earth. Contents: birth and youth; first sermon; Indian thought before the rise of Buddhism; Bhagavad-Gita; Dharmapadam; the master, the law, and the order; Disciples; ideal Buddhist. 134 pages, ISBN 0766149269, $17.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Baynes, Robert H., Lyra Anglicana (1870), Found in this work is a collection and arrangement of hymns and sacred songs. It is intended as a supplement to many books of a similar character already in print. A considerable number of the hymns inserted in this book will be new to a majority of readers, but the author believed they would be added to the list of those sacred songs most dear to Christian hearts. 192 pages, ISBN 076614545X, $19.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Beal, Samuel, Romantic Legends of Sakya Buddha: A Translation of the Chinese Version of the Abhiniskramana Sutra (1875), This work is a translation of the Chinese version of the Abhiniskramana Sutra done into that language by Djnanakuta, a Buddhist priest from North India. It refers to Buddhaís leaving the palace for a religious life, as in Buddhaís flight from his palace to become an ascetic. The legend also includes Buddhaís previous and subsequent history. 406 pages, ISBN 0766178242, $29.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Beals, Joseph, Spirit Manifestations of Ancient and Modern Times Compared (1880), Now, we who have dared to investigate for ourselves, dared to look upon both sides of the theological questions, and get all the light we could upon the subject, and also had the desire and courage to look into the merits of spiritualism, when we have witnessed manifestations that were almost a counterpart of those recorded in the Bible, we have been led to believe they were accomplished by the same power. The author discusses this issue in this little book. 42 pages, ISBN 0766149846, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Beaman, Edmund A., Swedenborg and the New Age Or The Holy City New Jerusalem (1881), What it is, and when and how it comes down from God out of heaven; and Swedenborg and his mission in relation to it, with an introduction on God and man. In order to understand Swedenborg and the real character of his writings, as relating to the man of this New Age, we must first have true views of God, who He is, what He is, and what is His relation to man. Contents: God and man; general principles; Swedenborgís relation to the Lord; manís relation to the Lord; his call and preparation; the writings and the spiritual sense; books and the advent; Christ and Swedenborg; authority and infallibility; doctrine and the holy city. 226 pages, ISBN 0766166503, $22.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Beattie, James, Dissertations: Moral and Critical (1783), This volume contains critical and moral dissertations on memory and imagination, on dreaming, the theory of language, on fable and romance, on the attachments of kindred, and illustrations on sublimity, written by James Beattie, professor of moral philosophy and logic in the Marischal College and University of Aberdeen. Due to the age and scarcity of the original we reproduced, some pages may be spotty, faded or difficult to read. Written in Old English. 672 pages, ISBN 0766168751, $40.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Beattie, James, Evidences of the Christian Religion Briefly and Plainly Stated (1787), This little work was originally intended for the use of some young persons with whom the author was connected. It presents a comprehensive view of the principal evidences of Christianity, drawn up in such a manner as to fix the attention, without fatiguing it, to establish the religious principles of our youth at their first entrance into the world. Due to the age and scarcity of the original we reproduced, some pages may be spotty, faded or difficult to read. Old English text. 138 pages, ISBN 0766169685, $17.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Beatty, K.J., Human Leopards (1915), This volume is an account of the trials of human leopards before the special commission court; with a note on Sierra Leone, past and present. The trend of the evidence shown at these trials was that the prime object of the Human Leopard Society was to secure human fat so as to anoint the Borfima. Witnesses told of how the occasion of a murder is used to ìbloodî the Borfima, but the potency of this terrible fetish depends upon its being frequently supplied with human fat. Hence the murders discussed within. This is a chilling account of cannibalism in the Hinterland of Sierra Leone. Illustrated. 218 pages, ISBN 0766161218, $20.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Beaumont, Edouard de, Sword and Womankind Being an Informative History of Indiscreet Revelations (1930), Beaumont, with a characteristic French point of view, believes in a feminine interpretation of history - which is, that all important historic events are caused by women. But unlike most Frenchmen he believed that all such events are caused by naughty women. This is a history of those women, adapted from the original French. Sample chapters: In barbarous ages woman is a divinity - Frea, the Scandinavian Venus; Swordsmen become the agents of womenís sexual excesses - public defiances concerning harlots; Debauchery during the crusades - chivalry modified by oriental passions; New ways of love and dalliance - interest in salacious art. 256 pages, ISBN 0766132021, $23.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Beaumont, William, Experiments and Observations on the Gastric Juice and the Physiology of Digestion (1833), Biographical Essay A Pioneer American Physiologist by Sir William Osler (1902). Contents: Preliminary Observations; Aliment; Hunger and Thirst; Satisfaction and Satiety; Mastication, Insalivation and Deglutition; Digestion by the Gastric Juice; Appearance of the Villous Coat, and the Motions of the Stomach; Chymification and Uses of the Bile and Pancreatic Juice; Experiments and Observations. 316 pages, ISBN 0766127168, $25.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Beaverbrook, Lord, Success (1922), The articles embodied in this book were written during the pressure of many other affairs and without any idea that they could be published as a consistent whole. The author addresses himself to the young men of the new age. Those who have youth also possess opportunity. There is in the world today no bar to success which resolution cannot break. Lord Beaverbrook hopes to give encouragement to young men to set their feet on the path which leads upward to success, and warns him of a few of the perils which will beset him on the road. 108 pages, ISBN 0766154092, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bechamp, A., Blood and its Third Anatomical Element (1912), Application of the Microzymian theory of the living organization to the study of the anatomical and chemical constitution of the blood and to that of the anatomical and physiological causes of the phenomena of its coagulation and of its other spontaneous changes. 258 pages, ISBN 1564597121, $23.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Bechofer-Roberts, C.E., Mysterious Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1931), The life and work of the founder of the theosophical society, with a note on her successor, Annie Besant. This is an extensive biography of one of the most important mediums of the modern era and her part in the creation of Theosophy, the most important spiritualist movement of the late 19th and early 20th century. 334 pages, ISBN 0766129551, $25.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Beck, Cave, Universal Character By Which All Nations in the World May Understand One Anotherís Conceptions (1657), This work presents a universal character so that all nations may understand one anotherís conceptions, reading out of one common writing their own mother tongues. It is an invention of general use, the practice whereof may be attained in two hoursí space, observing grammatical directions, which character is so contrived that it may be spoken as well as written. Due to the age and scarcity of the original we reproduced, some pages may be spotty, faded or difficult to read. Old English text. 194 pages, ISBN 0766168379, $19.00,   Buy Now! Click here!