An Oxonian, An Oxonian, Thaumaturgia Or Elucidations of the Marvellous (1835), This volume contains sketches on a variety of subjects ranging from demonology to Rosicrucians. Sample contents: magic and magical rites; augury; history of oracles; British druids; inferior deities attending mankind from their birth to their decease; judicial astrology; horoscope; cause of dreams; art of healing by visionary divination; amulets, charms, talismans; medicinal power attributed to music by the ancients; practice of Obeah; origin and superstitious influence of rings; and many others. 370 pages, ISBN 0766148076, $28.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Ancona, Sergius Gortan, Substance of Adam (1934), An occult history of the universe and mankind. Contents: Four worlds of the universe (incl. creation of the universe, animation of the universe, man of flesh, law of crucification in the world of matter, etc.); World of the man of flesh in action (incl. differentiationís among the humans and their social status, a short history of the white race); Conclusion, imploration, and farewell. 358 pages, ISBN 0766129381, $26.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anderson, Edward H., Brief History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (1926), From the birth of the prophet Joseph Smith to the present time. This little book presents a brief outline of the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. To aid the reader in obtaining a clear understanding of the principles of the gospel, references are made to the Doctrine and Covenants containing the revelations of Joseph Smith for the building up of the Kingdom of God in the last days. A great book to give the reader an introduction to Mormonism from an authentic source. 248 pages, ISBN 0766140016, $22.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anderson, James, Andersonís Constitutions of 1738, The new book of constitutions of the ancient and honorable fraternity of free and accepted Mason, containing their history, charges, regulations, etc. collected and digested by order of the Grand Lodge from their old record, faithful traditions and Lodge books, for the use of the Lodges. Written in Old English. The Introduction gives a brief history of this publication. 256 pages, ISBN 0766133613, $23.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anderson, James, Memorable Women of the Puritan Times Vols. 1 and 2 (1862), Volumes 1 and 2 of the original work. The Puritan times embrace the most interesting and instructive period in the annals of English history. Most of the eminent women commemorated in these volumes may be considered as historical characters. They may not have acted in any very conspicuous part in the public transactions of their time, or have given to it its mold and importance; but they stood closely connected by relationship or otherwise with the master spirits and prime actors. The incidents of their lives relate rather to the domestic, than to public events; for even when public history is touched upon, it is generally intermingled with or bearing upon domestic scenes. 828 pages, ISBN 0766172961, $46.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anderson, Jerome A., Reincarnation: A Study of the Human Soul (1893), This work discusses reincarnation in its relation to rebirth, evolution, post-mortem states, the compound nature of man, hypnotism, etc. These pages are intended to present, in as concise a form as possible, an outline of certain phenomena in nature, together with logical and philosophical deductions therefrom, which go to prove, first, the existence of a soul, and, second, the repeated reincarnation of this soul in physical bodies. Contents: physiological evidence; psychological evidence; evolution of the soul; individualization of the soul; reincarnation philosophic and logical evidence; scientific evidence; composite nature of soul; reincarnating ego; the personality; postmortem states of consciousness; hypnotism and the human soul; objections; karma; ethical conclusions. 252 pages, ISBN 0766166422, $22.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anderson, Karl, Astrology of the Old Testament or the Lost Word Regained (1892), Partial Contents: Belief in God intuitive; Great pyramid; Birth of Christ, and Krishna; Movements of Christ or Krishna, astrological horoscopes; Croix or Christ; Proof that the ancients knew the Sun to be the grand central orb; Wisdom and what it is; Astrology divine and inspired by God; Of prophets or seers, mediums and magnetic healers; Constellations of Heaven; Of Natural man or earth man, and evolution of species; Who built the pyramid; Description of the planets; Signification, nature, quality and description of the 12 houses. Signs and meanings; Aspects; Nativities; Astrological aphorisms; Wisdom of Isis. 524 pages, ISBN 1564599302, $34.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anderson, Olof W., Treasure Vault of Atlantis (1925), The Treasure Vault of Atlantis gives an account of a very remarkable discovery of an ancient temple of wealth built and concealed within a mountain of rock amidst tropical jungle by a people of a forgotten civilization that existed before the great flood. Also, a record of the mysterious messages that seemed to come from a supernatural source that led to the very wonderful adventures and the fascinating story of a great love related herein. Illustrated. 328 pages, ISBN 0766163857, $25.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anderson, William T., Masonic Token: A Gift Book (1868), A Collection of Writings by such authors as Mackey, Pike, Morris, Simons, Hoyt, Oliver and many others. Partial Contents: Is Masonry Cosmopolitan? Indian Masonry; Holy Place; Requiem; Chamber of Death; King Solomonís Temple; Necessity of Study to a Mason; Freemasonry and the Church; Letter from George Washington; Triangle as a Symbol; Rabboni; Masonic Ladder; Cagliostro; Masonry in 1776; Juryman Mason; What I live for; Lady Masonry, or Masonry of Adoption; Beauties of Freemasonry; Light; Masonry in High Places; Initiation of a Lady; Anti-Masonic Vicar; plus much more. 300 pages, ISBN 0766100448, $24.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Andes, H.R.D., Shakespeareís Books, A dissertation on Shakespeareís reading and the immediate sources of his works. Shakespeare and the classics; Modern continental literature; English non-dramatic polite literature; English drama; Popular literature; Bible and the Prayer Book; Shakespeareís earth and heaven; Additional Notes. 332 pages, ISBN 0766127974, $25.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Andrae, Tor, Mohammed: The Man and His Faith, This work is a translation of the German ìMohammed, Sein Leben una Sein Glaubeî by professor Tor Andrae. The study of Mohammedís life and work is advancing so rapidly that there is no apology needed for publishing this excellent study. It is hoped this work will appeal to students of the history of religion, lovers of biography and adherents of Islam. Contents: Arabia at the time of Mohammed; Mohammedís childhood to his prophetic call; Mohammedís religious message; Mohammedís doctrine of revelation; conflict with the Koreish; ruler in Medina; Mohammedís personality. 274 pages, ISBN 0766159582, $23.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Andrea, Raymund, Mystic Way (1938), Scarce book from a noted Rosicrucian! Mystical Knowledge it Paramount Value; Mystic Meditation; The Contemplative Mind; Mystic Inspiration; The Awakening Desire; The Dark Night; Mystic Love; Mystical Participation; The Disciple Militant; The Sanctity of Service; Mystical Quietude; The Mystical Challenge. 142 pages, ISBN 0766104672, $17.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Andrews, Charles M., Chronicles of America Vol. 6: Fathers of New England (1921), Volume 6 of 50. The Chronicles of America Series is dedicated to presenting the main facts surrounding American history and the interesting historical stories behind civilization in America. In the present work, Fathers of New England contains a chronicle of the Puritan Commonwealths. 224 pages, ISBN 0766164136, $20.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Andrews, Charles M., Chronicles of America Vol. 9: Colonial Folkways (1921), Volume 9 of 50. The Chronicles of America Series is dedicated to presenting the main facts surrounding American history and the interesting historical stories behind civilization in America. In the present work, Colonial Folkways is a chronicle of American life in the reign of the Georges. 264 pages, ISBN 076615999X, $23.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Andrews, Mary Raymond Shipman, Three Things (1918), The Forge in Which the Soul of a Man Was Tested. A novella about Philip Morton during the war against Germany. He leaves home and joins the battle because he can no longer stand that England, France, Russia and Belgium are fighting his countryís battle. 62 pages, ISBN 0766140121, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Andrews, Samuel J., Christianity and Anti-Christianity in Their Final Conflict (1898), The work of a scholar of large erudition and deep devotion, the author know the scriptures and knows the times. As he takes us through the fields of philosophy, biblical criticism, science, literature, socialism and government, we are amazed at his full knowledge and masterly treatment. There is a sense of finality about his conclusions which is refreshing. A book for students and preachers alike, it is a key to these troubled days which the scriptures have so plainly foreshadowed, and strengthens faith in the Lord whose personal coming, rather than manís devices, is the way of hope. 394 pages, ISBN 0766139174, $29.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Andrews, Thomas G., Jericho Road Or the Philosophy of Odd Fellowship, Andrews wished to do something to help the other fellow. By reducing to writing the thoughts which he had about the principles of Odd Fellowship, and the history and practices of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, he desired to give some bit of pleasure or some serious thought that will benefit others. It was his hope that his experience as a member of the Order taught him something the record of which will be of benefit to others. 662 pages, ISBN 0766159221, $40.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Andrews, William, Antiquities and Curiosities of the Church (1897), A collection of new studies on old themes, the author hopes this book with entertain and instruct those persons interested in the National Church of Britain. Includes 24 essays by various authors such as Supernatural Interference in Church Building by W.E.A. Axon; Ecclesiastical Symbolism in Architecture by J. Hudson Barker; Crypts by John T. Page; Church Windows (and other essays) by George S. Tyack; Sun Dials by Thomas Frost; and several essays by the editor and others. 298 pages, ISBN 0766135721, $24.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Andrews, William, Church Treasury of History, Custom and Folklore (1898), A collection of essays by various authors on curious subjects peripheral to the history of the Church. Contents: Stave-kirks; Curious Churches in Cornwall; Holy Wells; Hermits and hermit-cells; Church wakes; Fortified Church towers; Knights Templars - their Churches and their privileges; English Mediaeval pilgrimages; Pilgrimsí signs; Human skin on Church doors; Animals of the church, in wood, stone, and bronze; Queries in stones; Pictures in Churches; Flowers and the rites of the Church; Ghost-layers and ghost-laying; Church walks; Westminster waxworks; Illustrated. 310 pages, ISBN 0766136698, $25.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Andrews, William, Curious Epitaphs (1899), Contents: epitaphs on tradesmen; typographical epitaphs; good and faithful servants; epitaphs on soldiers and sailors; epitaphs on musicians and actors; epitaphs on sportsmen; Bacchanalian epitaphs; epitaphs on parish clerks and sextons; punning epitaphs; Manxland epitaphs; epitaphs on notable persons; miscellaneous epitaphs. Illustrated throughout. 254 pages, ISBN 0766167267, $23.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Andrews, William S., Treatise Upon Theological Subjects (1829), This volume contains an exposition and defense of the great doctrines of natural and revealed religion, together with several prayers written in conformity with the spirit of the work. It was the authorís object to bring into as small a compass as possible, his views in relation to the several subjects of it, in order that no one should be disinclined to read it. Partial Contents: Being, Unity and Attributes of God; foreknowledge; doctrine of motives; conscience; prophecy in general; phrenology and physiognomy; plan of the Divine Government; light and nature of revelation; Old Testament generally; rejection of miracles by the Jews; obedience and faith; original sin; doctrine of Trinity; prayer; rite of Baptism; humility. 300 pages, ISBN 0766175197, $24.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anesaki, M., Buddhist Art In Its Relation to Buddhist Ideals (1915), With special reference to Buddhism in Japan. This work contains four lectures given at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. The object of the lectures was to elucidate the ideals which inspired Buddhist artists, and to give some account of the legends which they illustrated. The author has dwelt very largely on Japanese Buddhism, not only because it is a subject with which he is intimate, but also because he believes Japanese Buddhism is representative, more than Indian and Chinese, of a continuous development both in doctrine and in art. Handsomely illustrated. 276 pages, ISBN 076617624X, $23.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Angus, S., Mystery Religions and Christianity (1925), A study in the religious background of early Christianity. Contents: orientation, the historical crises of the Greco-Roman world in their bearing upon the mystery religions and Christianity; what is a mystery religion; three stages of a mystery; appeal of the mystery religions; defects of the mysteries and their ultimate failure; victory of Christianity; and a bibliography. 372 pages, ISBN 0766146227, $28.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Angus, Samuel, Mystery Religions and Christianity (1924), A study in the religious background of early Christianity. Contents: orientation, the historical crises of the Graco Roman world in their bearing upon the mystery religions and Christianity; what is a mystery religion; three stages of a mystery; appeal of the mystery religions, conditions favorable to the spread of the mysteries; appeal of the mystery religions, alleged reasons for their rapid spread; defects of the mysteries and their ultimate failure; victory of Christianity. 378 pages, ISBN 0766131017, $28.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, A Glimpse of the Great Secret Society (1880), Circumstances were somewhat hurried in the original production of this edition; otherwise the policy of the Ultramontane Roman Catholics-which is, in fact, the policy of the Jesuits-with respect to education, might have been illustrated by some brief notices; while the development of the lay affiliations of the Order, including persons of both sexes-married and unmarried-the more remote constituents of the Great Secret Society might have been further traced for the guidance of the many, who are unfortunately ignorant of the symptoms, for so they may justly be described, of this potent element of disorder. The reason for avoiding further delay was, that some of scattered indications of the tendency of Ultramontane action, now added to the former record, would lost freshness in elucidating things, as they, if they are long withheld. 342 pages, ISBN 0766178447, $26.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, A Selection of Masonic Songs, Duets, Glees, Canons, Rounds and Canzonets (1616), This Masonic, Sentimental and Humorous song book is respectfully dedicated to the Bretheren of the Most Ancient and Honorable Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons. It also contains a Short Historical Account of Masonry and likewise a List of All the Lodges in the United States. 468 pages, ISBN 0766181367, $31.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, A Short History of the Inquisition (1907), Handsomely illustrated with over 100 pictures and illustrations. A history of the inquisition, including stories of the inquisition and the inquisitorís manual. Also included in this book is an account of persecutions by Protestants, witches, the war between religion and science and the attitude of the American churches toward African slavery. 710 pages, ISBN 0766130851, $42.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, A Thousand and One Notable Nativities, Book Number 11 in Alan Leoís Astrological Manuals series. Included within are the horoscopes of remarkable people obtains from authentic sources. This is the book for students in search of horoscopes for study or reference. 146 pages, ISBN 0766137872, $17.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Alahambra: A Series of Tales and Sketches of the Moors and Spaniards (1832), Volumes 1 and 2. In the spring of 1829, the author of this work, whom curiosity had brought into Spain, made a rambling expedition from Seville to Granada, in company with a friend, a member of the Russian embassy at Madrid. Accident had thrown them together from distant regions of the globe, and a similarity of taste led them to wander together among the romantic mountains of Andalusia. Should these pages meet his eye, wherever thrown by the duties of his station, whether mingling in the pageantry of courts or meditating on the truer glories of nature, may they recall the scenes of the authorís adventurous companionship, and with them the remembrance of one, in whom neither time nor distance will obliterate the recollection of his gentleness and worth. Due to the age and scarcity of the original we reproduced, some pages may be spotty, faded or difficult to read. 464 pages, ISBN 0766172287, $31.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Allocution of the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree, This little work contains the Allocution of the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry of the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States of America. 116 pages, ISBN 0766165485, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction (1920), This volume discusses the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry for the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, Valley of Cleveland, Ohio, which contains the present officers, members living, deceased, etc., By-laws, election dates and other information, compiled for the information of the Brethren. It is based on the Annual Report to the Supreme Council for the year ending June 30, 1920. 168 pages, ISBN 0766153959, $18.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Anecdotes Illustrative of Old Testament Texts (1915), Contains 529 anecdotes and illustrations, with the Bible passage quoted, followed by a short story on such passage. Fully indexed by subjects and texts. 336 pages, ISBN 0766142299, $25.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Arguments, Natural, Moral and Religious for the Immortality of the Soul (1805), While the teachers of religion have been deeply engaged in a speculative controversy, a common enemy, taking advantage of their divisions and altercations, has insinuated itself. The enemy has attempted to undermine the basis and overthrow the superstructure of morality and religion together. Contents: Old age and death; moral arguments for a future life drawn from our progressive nature; power of conscience; revelation; doctrine of immortality. Due to the age and scarcity of the original we reproduced, some pages may be spotty, faded or difficult to read. 120 pages, ISBN 0766173909, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Better Understanding Between Christians and Jews in America (1928), This volume contains an illuminating chapter in Americanism - constructive efforts from the armistice to the present day to break down walls of misunderstanding and to build bridges of good will. 78 pages, ISBN 0766160815, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Bible Stories for the Use of Children (1833), This work was prepared from materials furnished by three English works on something of a similar plan. The simplest language has been used throughout, and generally the very words of the common version of the Scriptures have been adopted. The engravings in the volume will add much to its value, for the purposes for which it is designed, that being to present to young people the more common Bible stories. 186 pages, ISBN 0766173356, $19.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Blue Lodge EnlightíMent: A Ritual of the Three Masonic Degrees (1896), Contents: Rituals of Entered Apprentice or First Degree; Rituals of Fellow Craft, or Second Degree; Rituals of Master Mason, or Third Degree. 182 pages, ISBN 0766126978, $19.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Book of Business Etiquette (1922), Contents: American business man; value of courtesy; putting courtesy into business; personality; table manners; telephones and front doors; traveling and selling; business of writing; morals and manners; big business; in a department store; a while with a traveling man; tables for two or more; ladies first. 302 pages, ISBN 0766160483, $24.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Book of El Daoud, The Father King (1923), Which is the gospel of simplicity given unto his own. The author was bidden by El Daoud, who caused him to see these Visions, to describe them in as simple language as possible, so that they may be easily understood. In each case, the author was fully awake and saw them with his ordinary sight; they form an introduction to The Book of El Daoud, which He personally dictated to the author...His ìPenî in 1921, and it is asked that all who may read it bear in mind that it was a very difficult piece of mediumship. 248 pages, ISBN 0766166570, $22.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Book of the Master Mason, This little volume contains the instructions and teachings for those who have attained the highest degree in Freemasonry as recognized by the Grand Lodge of F. and A.M. of California, and Grand Lodges in general. It imparts more about its history, laws, customs, doctrine and purposes, even its symbolism, philosophy and lessons. 54 pages, ISBN 0766157113, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Book of the Order of the Fellowship of the Knights of the Round Table of King Arthur, A book for all those people who desire that the ideal of chivalry and the threefold loyalty which is associated with the name of King Arthur, should be more widely known, practiced and professed. A sample of the contents is as follows: birthplace of King Arthur; King Arthurís hall, Tintagel; ideals of King Arthur; Fellowship of King Arthur; how to commence, operate and the business of a Branch Round Table; notes on young people and young peopleís organizations in connection with the Fellowship. Instruction in forming, running, admitting members, rules, etc. of a Branch Round Table are included as well. 116 pages, ISBN 0766138755, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Cabala Or the Rites and Ceremonies of the Cabalist (1896), A code book which is part of the National Series. Arranged in accordance with the standard formula. 140 pages, ISBN 0766141721, $17.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Catalog of the Shakespeare Museum (1868), A catalog of the books, manuscripts, works of art, antiquities and relics illustrative of the life and works of Shakespeare and of the history of Stratford Upon Avon which are preserved in the Shakespeare Library and Museum in Henley Street. 186 pages, ISBN 0766131513, $19.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Celestial Dynamics (1896), A course of astro-metaphysical study. The object of this course is to deal with and elucidate the hidden powers, forces and entities in nature. There are more of these forces than metaphysical practitioners and healers have believed to exist and the author hopes this little book will help the student in succeeding in the difficult task of discovering these hidden powers. 104 pages, ISBN 0766141691, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Choice Selection of Hymns and Spiritual Songs (1827), This little book contains a selection of hymns and spiritual songs designed to aid in the devotions or prayer, conference and camp meetings. Many of the included verses are well-known favorites, while others are less known, but destined to become favorites. Due to the age and scarcity of the original we reproduced, some pages may be spotty, faded or difficult to read. 168 pages, ISBN 076617333X, $18.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Christian Liturgy for the Use of the Church (1860), Contents: order of services; introductory exercises; salutation; te deum laudamus; morning prayer; evening prayer; scriptural inductions; states collects; special collects; communion service; rite of baptism; rite of confirmation; marriage service; burial service. 86 pages, ISBN 0766173917, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Collection of Epitaphs and Monumental Inscriptions Chiefly in Scotland (1851), This volume contains a more extensive collection of epitaphs and inscriptions than any other work of the same kind relating to Scotland. Monteithís collection is reprinted in this book, as well as many original additions. Several literary men contributed to the work, including William Dobie of Beith, who had formed a curious collection of epitaphs and John Dunn of Paisley, for accurate copies of some inscription on the curious old stones in the Abbey burying ground. Great pains were taken to form a complete index of reference, which contains more than eight hundred names. 376 pages, ISBN 0766165582, $28.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Compass and the Square with Symbolism for Women Only (1922), This little book is a small compilation of fragmentary lore designed as a finger post to point the way for the student who seeks to know that equilibrium, unity and harmony in existence are essential in evolution to establish equality, justice, liberty and peace. 114 pages, ISBN 0766158187, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Compendium of Alchemical Processes, Extracted from the writings of Glauber, Basil Valentine, and Other Adepts. Partial Contents: Method for the Potable Gold; Preparation of Martial Regulus of Antimony; Great Medicine of Gold; Golden Carbuncle of the Ancients; True Tincture of Gold; Testing of Potable of Gold; How to Prepare a Famous Universal Medicine of Gold; Philosophersí Water of Life; Golden Purple of Cassius; Extraction of Gold or Silver from Lead; Philosophic Stone: how prepared; Treatment of the Sphera Saturni; Practical Process in Alchemy; Preparation of the dissolving Water for Metals; the Alkahest; Fixation and Purification of Sulfur; Process for the Purification of Mercury; Mercury of Philosophers; How to imitate Natural Precious Stones; Vegetable Elixir; White Swan of Basilius; Volatile Salt of Animals; Tinctures of Mars and of Antimony; The True Balm of Life, or Royal Red Oil of Antimony; Modern Alchemical Experiments: Preparation of Magnesium by Electrolysis; Preparation of the Earth-metals; Reduction of Earth-metals; Separation of Earth-metals; Preparation of the Trioxide (Calx) of Gold. 170 pages, ISBN 1564593444, $19.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Confession of Faith Owned and Consented Unto by the Elders and Messengers of the Churches (1680), At a general court held at Boston May 19, 1680: This Court having taken into serious consideration the request that hath been presented by several of the Reverend Elders in the name of the late Synod, do approve thereof and accordingly order the confession of faith agreed upon at their second session, and the platform of discipline consented unto by the Synod at Cambridge in the year 1648, to be printed for the benefit of these churches in present and after times. Due to the age and scarcity of the original we reproduced, some pages may be spotty, faded or difficult to read. Written in Old English. 166 pages, ISBN 0766169421, $18.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Constitution and Laws of the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Scotland (1923), This volume contains an edition of the Constitution and Laws, embracing the additions and alterations confirmed by Grand Lodge during its Special Communication assembly held on May 17, 1923. 282 pages, ISBN 0766158314, $24.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Constitution, Bylaws and Rules of Order of Pocahontas Tribe No. 11, Found in this little book is the constitutions, bylaws, and rules of order for Pocahontas Tribe No. 11 of the Improved Order of Red Men of the State of California, located at San Francisco. The Order of Red Men inculcate order, sobriety, industry and charity. 56 pages, ISBN 0766179036, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Constitution of the Freemasons (1734), Contains the history, charges and regulations of that most ancient and right worshipful fraternity for the use of the lodges. 94 pages, ISBN 0766132706, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Constitutions and General Regulations of the Supreme Council of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite for the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction (1885), Also contains the Constitutions and Regulations of 1762 and the Grand Constitutions of 1786, as well as rules and regulations of Pennsylvania Council of Deliberation, A.A.S.R., and By-laws of Gourgas Lodge of Perfection of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, Valley of Pittsburgh. 144 pages, ISBN 0766153614, $17.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Correct Key to the Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason Degrees (1894), A valuable aid to the memory of the Masonic student for learning the degree work written in code. Essential for all new Masons! Contents: Entered Apprentice: Lodge opening; work; lecture; Ex, L.E.A.; closing; Fellow Craft: Lodge opening; work 2d section; Ex, L.F.C.; closing; Master Mason: opening Lodge; work; lecture; Ex, M.M.L., closing. 66 pages, ISBN 0766153568, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Degree Book of the Independent Order of Good Templars (1854), This scarce, old, Masonic work contains the verbatim degree lectures of this little-known rite. Contents: First Degree or Degree of the Heart; Second Degree or Degree of Charity; Third Degree or Degree of Royal Virtue. 112 pages, ISBN 1564594890, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Demonology in Form of a Dialogue, 1597. Divided into three booklets. The author seeks to prove that Satanism exists and that its followers should to be punished.# 92 pages, ISBN 0766193055, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Digiti Lingua Or The Most Compendious, Copious, Facile and Secret Way of Silent Converse Ever Yet Discovered (1698), This volume shows how any two persons may be capable, in half an hourís time, to discourse together by their fingers only, and as well in the dark as the light. The directions herein given are so clear and the method so extensive (yet both superlatively easy) that if six persons are in company (and each of them well versed in the design) yet two of them may discourse together, and the other four wholly ignorant of what they mean. Due to the age and scarcity of the original we reproduced, some pages may be spotty, faded or difficult to read. Written in Old English. 38 pages, ISBN 0766169529, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Divers Parts of the Holy Scriptures (1761), This book contains a large amount of scriptural passages, chiefly from Dr. J. Millís printed Greek copy. It contains notes and maps relating to the various passages, most of which are from the Chapters of Matthew, David, Luke, Mark, John, and Acts. Due to the age and scarcity of the original we reproduced, some pages may be spotty, faded or difficult to read. Written in Old English. 428 pages, ISBN 0766168743, $30.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Divine Service: A Complete Manual of Worship for Assisting and Communicating at the Holy Sacrifice (1909), The great need of a book for English Catholics, complete in itself for worship and communion at Divine Service, useful as a manual for priests and people, helpful as a means and guide to teach the mystery of the worship of God in spirit and in truth, must be the editorís apology for such a trial as attempting to undertake this work. 638 pages, ISBN 0766173828, $38.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Doctrines of Scripture (1852), This book is Volume VII of the New Sunday School Manuals series. This series of books is designed for the teachers and students in Sunday schools. The lessons are of such length that they may be fully recited in about half an hour. The design is that each subject shall be thoroughly mastered and understood by the class; that, at the close of the year, they may be as well fitted for examination in it, as the classes of our common schools are in their several branches of study. 108 pages, ISBN 0766172945, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Dream of Raven: A Mystery (1895), Introduction by GRS Mead. Reprinted from the Dublin University Magazine 1853 and 1854. ìIn no other western publication have the three states of manís consciousness been so strikingly and so intelligibly set forth as by this author. Though the narrative is set forth in the garb of fantasy, the mystic and student of yoga will recognize many a secret wholly disclosed. 254 pages, ISBN 0766101509, $23.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Elements of Mythology (1864), Or classic fables of the Greeks and Romans: to which are added some notices of Syrian, Hindu and Scandinavian superstitions, together with those of the American nations; the whole comparing polytheism with true religion, for the use of schools. 282 pages, ISBN 076615873X, $24.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Esoteric Bible Dictionary, This is the best work, easily comprehended, on the inner meanings of many biblical and esoteric terms. Highly recommended! 112 pages, ISBN 1564599132, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Fables of Pilpay, The fables found in this book are placed under five general headings: fortune favors the bold; that we ought to avoid the insinuations of flatterers and backbiters; that the wicked come to an ill end; how we ought to make choice friends, and what advantage may be reaped from their conversation; and, that we ought always to distrust our enemies, and, if possible, be perfectly informed of whatever passes among them. 292 pages, ISBN 0766148440, $24.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Finding of the Gnosis Or Apotheosis of an Ideal: An Interior Life Drama (1890), Wherein is brought to light the inmost secret of all veritable religion, the mystery of the divine self. The several contents of this little volume are to be looked upon as continuous parts of one ever-expanding whole, an oratorio, in rhythmic speech in lieu of tune, whose transcendent theme, the divine possibilities of life, is treated in five movements. 76 pages, ISBN 0766165922, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Folklore and Legends: Oriental (1892), The reader of these tales will observe many points of similarity between them and the popular fictions of the West, similarity of thought and incident, and nothing speaks more eloquently of the universal brotherhood of man than his oneness of folk fiction. At the same time, the tales of the East are unique, lighted up as they are by a gorgeous extravagance of imagination which never fails to attract and delight. 200 pages, ISBN 0766148629, $20.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Forget Me Not: A Christmas, New Year and Birthday Gift, This work was carefully prepared in accordance with the spirit of the age of progress; it contains with the names of some of the authors, favorites of long standing, original articles written expressly for its pages. Contents: Carpenterís Daughter; Cottage Girl; The Ruse; Pride of the Village; Natal Day; Castillian Captive Or the Pacha Perplexed; Sonnet; Bubble Blower; Royal Christenings; My First Love; Chantryís Statue of Washington; Moonlight; Founding of the Ottoman Empire; Blind Boy; Confessions of a Belle; Kingís Banner Bearer; Meet Me at Sunset; Sisterís Sacrifice; Glory; Devotee; April Showers. Illustrated. 270 pages, ISBN 0766173240, $23.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Fortunes Made in Business Or Life Struggles of Successful People, It has been said the most interesting study is mankind. It is certain that in the human story there is nothing more dramatic than the life records of men who have achieved success. In this book, the reader will find the life struggles of people successful in the world of commerce. In some cases the stories are chapters of autobiography. In others, the facts have been secured first hand or from reliable sources. Of the value of such histories, there can be no questions, and they are of interest even as studies of human development. Copiously illustrated. 384 pages, ISBN 0766159302, $28.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Freemasonís Companion (1883), A Ritual of the Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Masonís Degrees, The Past Masterís Degree, with the Several Forms and Ceremonies Pertaining Thereto Also, the Ceremony for Installing the Officers of Grand Lodge and the Gwynn Lecture in the Third Degree. 200 pages, ISBN 0766102467, $20.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Godís Universal Goodness Displayed (1751), This discourse was delivered to a Society of Free Inquirers, by a member of that church which is as old as the creation. The important truths instilled in this discourse have at times been confessed, either directly or consequentially, by the most celebrated divines. Nothing but the rewards and dignities annexed to clerical Christianity prevents their being universally resounded from the pulpit with all the prevailing force of reason. Due to the age and scarcity of the original we reproduced, some pages may be spotty, faded or difficult to read. Written in Old English. 58 pages, ISBN 0766171671, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Golden Verses of the Pythagoreans, The Golden Verses are considered the most valuable epitome of the Pythagorean ethical teachings. The Verses give all the essential principles required for putting the physical, affectional, intellectual and devotional lives into the proper order. 32 pages, ISBN 0766131890, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Hermetic Triumph and the Ancient War of the Knights (1740), Or, the Victorious Philosophical Stone. A Treatise more complete and more intelligible than any yet extant, concerning the Hermetical Magistery to which is added, The Ancient War of the Knights: Being an Alchemistical Dialogue between our Stone, Gold and Mercury: of the True Matter of which those who have traced Nature do prepare the Philosopher's Stone. This may be the first reprint of this essential alchemical work since 1740! 216 pages, ISBN 1564592804, $20.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, History of Organized Felony and Folly (1923), The record of union labor in crime and economics. This volume contains a series of thirty-two articles on the record of union labor in the United States, which were originally published in The Wall Street Journal. No attempt was made in the articles to discuss theoretical unionism as an economic agency, but an exhaustive research was made in order to bring together the many scattered records bearing on the activities of union labor organizations in their relations with the rest of society. 102 pages, ISBN 0766161900, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, History of the House of Orange: William and Mary (1876), A volume in the Protestant Landmarks series. This work discusses the history of the House of Orange, William and Mary, King and Queen of England, Scotland, France, Ireland, etc. It provides a reliable, condensed and perfectly trustworthy history of the illustrious conqueror of the Boyne, William the Third, Prince of Orange. 320 pages, ISBN 076615386X, $25.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Illustrated Guide to Old Sarum and Stonehenge (1898), This little book represents No. 3 of Brownís Series of Strangersí Handbooks. On the road from Salisbury to Amesbury, at a distance of rather more than a mile from the former place, is Old Sarum, one of the most extraordinary relics of the olden time in that country. The origin of these deserted mounds, once flourished and populous city. Of course, Stonehenge is another relic of an olden time, and this book presents a historical account of both sites, handsomely illustrated. 66 pages, ISBN 0766178897, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Impersonal Life (1914), A book containing instructions for the self training and disciplining of the mind for the eventual and full application of the Impersonal Teachings. Its aim is to help the earnest seeker attain the Christ Consciousness. It invites the soul to do the learning, while allowing the intellect to rest. A calming and spiritual text to give one a greater knowledge of the self. 168 pages, ISBN 0766133133, $18.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Irish Prince and the Hebrew Prophet (1896), A Masonic tale of the captive Jews and the Ark of the Covenant. Contents: Jeremiah; fall of Jerusalem; golden image; Eochaid; Ishmael; Egypt; Ark of the Covenant; ancient nine; dungeon; death of Myra; Tara; death of Jeremiah and Baruch; Cyrus; Belshazzar; Daniel; the prophets; monotheism; liberty to the captives. 200 pages, ISBN 0766155315, $20.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Irish Ritual of Craft Freemasonry as Worked Under Warrant of The Grand Lodge of Ireland, Compiled for the use of the Brethren as an Aide-Memoir. By a Brother Master Mason belonging to the Irish Constitution. The complete ritual with the Opening and Closing ceremonies, Calling Up, Calling Down, Initiation in the Entered Apprentice degree, Passing in the Fellowcrafts degree and Raising to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason. 112 pages, ISBN 1564599930, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Is There Any Resemblance Between Shakespeare and Bacon (1888), This book was not written with the expectation of changing the attitude of those who desire to dethrone Shakespeare and put Bacon in his place, nor was it expected to interest anyone who believes this subject does not merit serious thought. The aim of this volume is to present such points as appeal to reason and common sense. The facts are convincing to unpartisan judgment and need very little argument to emphasize their force. 306 pages, ISBN 0766141209, $24.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Justorum Semita Or The Path of the Just (1843), Our reproduction includes two volumes of the original books. This work presents a history of the saints and holidays of the present English calendar. As the love and veneration of English Christians for the lesser Saints and holidays of the calendar seem to be reviving, it was thought advisable to offer this history of them in a separate form. Due to the age and scarcity of the original we reproduced, some pages may be spotty, faded or difficult to read. 682 pages, ISBN 076617381X, $41.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Knight Templar Funeral Service, As adopted by the Grand Encampment of KT in 1931. 112 pages, ISBN 0766102017, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Knights of Pythias Illustrated, Diagram of lodge room; Titles of officers; Open ceremonies; Opening prayer, ode; Sign of courtesy; Arrangement of alter; Passing to higher or lower rank; Initiation; Obligation; Grips; Closing ceremonies; Closing prayer; Initiation second rank; Initiation third rank; Diagram of lodge room for meeting of senators, testing by spikes; and obligation; Sign of bravery, distress; Grand and supreme honors; Rank of knight; Official visits; Secrets of the Knights of Pythias. 94 pages, ISBN 0766127338, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Ladiesí Indispensable Assistant (1852), Being a companion for the sister, mother and wife. Containing more information for the price than any other work upon the subject. Here are the very best directions for the behavior and etiquette of ladies and gentlemen, ladiesí toilette table, directions for managing canary birds, also safe direction for the management of children; instructions for ladies under various circumstances; a great variety of valuable recipes, forming a complete system of family medicine, thus enabling each person to become his or her own physician. To which is added one of the best systems of cookery ever published; many of these recipes are entirely new and should be in the possession of every person in the land. 138 pages, ISBN 0766139387, $17.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Lambeth and the Vatican Or Anecdotes of the Church of Rome, of the Reformed Churches and of Sects and Sectaries (1825), This book contains Volumes 1 and 2 of the original works. The work is an Ana of Curiosities in ecclesiastical literature. No branch of study more abounds with them, and yet no editor has taken the pains to assemble them in a popular manner. The result is a parlor window book on subjects strictly theological, without the gravity of method, and the abstractions which characterize works adapted to the clerical library. The object has been to render the English readers more familiar than they have previously been with the prominent facts in ecclesiastical history and biography. Due to the age and scarcity of the original we reproduced, some pages may be spotty, faded or difficult to read. 618 pages, ISBN 0766174298, $38.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Lectures of the Three Degrees in Craft Masonry (1891), The lectures and installation and consecration ceremonies underwent a final revision by Competent Brothers and are printed here in strict accordance with the Emulation working. The plan was for the first time adopted of giving the answers everywhere in extenso, as in the cases of the prayers, thus rendering it unnecessary in any instance to have to refer to the Ceremonies for the complete answer. 188 pages, ISBN 0766156478, $19.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Legend of the Holy Grail (1904), Contents: Galahadís attainment (from Tennyson); the theme in its relation to the place; legend in literature; artist and his interpretation; the frieze. 120 pages, ISBN 0766130576, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Letters From a Mystic of the Present Day (1883), These letters were written without any thought of publication, but the friends to whom they were addressed found in them so much of light and life, that permission was obtained to make them known to a wider circle. They have been left as they were written, without any attempt to render them less fragmentary and spontaneous in character, lest the relationship with truth which they reveal should be sacrificed to the aim of literary completeness. 220 pages, ISBN 0766174719, $20.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Lives of the Alchemystical Philosophers, With a Catalogue of Books in Occult Chemistry and a Selection of the Most Celebrated Treatises on the Theory and Practice of the Hermetic Art. Name any great alchemist and theyíre in this book. This is the only complete and unabridged version available. The book has been underlined in some place. A must-own book for any aspiring alchemist. 388 pages, ISBN 1564593525, $28.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Lives of the Most Eminent and Evangelical Ministers from the Beginning of the Reformation to the Present Time Vol. 1 (1818), This work presents a collection of sketches from authentic historians on the lives of the most eminent and evangelical ministers from the beginning of the Reformation to the present time, comprising their most remarkable actions and sufferings, exhibiting the unity of their faith and experience, and illustrating the power of divine grace in the holy living and dying. Due to the age and scarcity of the original we reproduced, some pages may be spotty, faded or difficult to read. 440 pages, ISBN 0766174468, $30.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Lost Books of the Bible: Being all the Gospels, Epistles, and other Pieces Now Extant Attributed in the First Four Centuries of Jesus Christ, His Apostles and their Companions, This book, suppressed by the early Church Fathers who compiled the Bible, will take away the veil of secrecy that has hidden for many years the act of the church in accepting certain Scriptures and rejecting others. Herein are the many valuable works of early Christians which will pour more light into the real meaning and teachings of true Christianity. 346 pages, ISBN 1564596354, $26.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Magdalen Grove Or A Dialogue Between the Doctor and the Devil (1713), This dialogue was written in February in the year 1713, and found among the papers of a gentleman deceased, humbly dedicated to the author and admirers of the apparition, a poem. Due to the age and scarcity of the original we reproduced, some pages may be spotty, faded or difficult to read. Written in Old English. 24 pages, ISBN 0766168131, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Magic Mirror Being the Complete Fortune Teller of Michael Nostradamus (1931), A series of vital questions with magic tables of the fateful numbers showing the page on which the answer is found. It will be found that the questions and answers enable both sexes to successfully consult the Magic Mirror. For the old and young of both sexes, and for all who do not believe in this sort of thing or look upon it as improper and wicked, the Magic Mirror will provide a laughter provoking pastime and never-ending source of amusement. This book was originally published with a mechanical dial. We do not offer the dials and are republishing this book for informational purposes only. 164 pages, ISBN 0766141500, $18.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Mahabone: or, The Grand Lodge Door Openíd. Wherein is Discovered The Whole Secrets of Free-Masonry, Both Ancient and Modern, Containing an exact account of all the Ceremonies and Mysteries belonging to Masonry, from an Entered Apprentice to a Passíd Master, without any Omission of the smallest particular; as authorised and delivered in all good Lodges. Illustrated with proper Remarks, necessary to explain the whole to the meanest Capacity, whether a Brother or not. To which is added, The true Method of a Free-Mason finding out a Brother in public Company, with what Degree he belongs to, without being discovered by any but the said Brother. Also, A Specimen of the Secret Way of Writing in Masonry, with an Explanation of the Characters: And several other particulars, never before made public. Facsimile reprint of the rare Irish edition of circa 1777. 112 pages, ISBN 1564599949, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Manuscripts and Books on Medicine, Alchemy, Astrology and Natural Sciences Arranged in Chronological Order, 1929. A wonderful volume that also includes a number of illustrations and portraits and autographs of eminent physicians and scientists.# 704 pages, ISBN 0766186954, $42.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Masonic Proverbs Poems and Sayings , Inspiring passages such as, Let prudence direct you, temperance chasten you, fortitude support you, and justice be the guide in all your actions. 112 pages, ISBN 0766102181, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Masterís Lectures (1923), This volume contains the Masterís Lectures as delivered in Evans Lodge, No. 524 of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons in Evanston, Illinois. It is hoped that the lectures may prove illuminating to the increasing number of brethren who feel that Freemasonry enshrines something deeper and greater than they have yet been able to realize. The attempt does not profess to be more than elementary, and a far from exhaustive survey, but a sincere effort has been put forth to present something of interest to the average Freemason. 106 pages, ISBN 0766156788, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, More Light (1896), A ritual of the three symbolic degrees of Freemasonry. All matters of business in a lodge are transacted in the third degree. This little book presents the opening of a lodge of entered apprentices, fellow crafts and master masons, ceremonies, lectures and closings or callings for the First, Second and Third Degrees. 178 pages, ISBN 0766157458, $19.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Mysteries of the Rosie Cross (1891), Or The History of that Curious Sect of the Middle Ages, known as the Rosicrucians; with Examples of their Pretensions and Claims as Set Forth in the Writings of Their Leaders and Disciples. Contents: Who and what were the Rosicrucians; Historical notices of the Rosicrucians; Early leaders, literature, romantic stories; Fame and Confession of the Fraternity of R.C.; John Heydon and the Rosicrucians; Gabalis, or the extravagant mysteries of the cabalists; Hermetic romance; or Chymical Wedding; Modern Rosicrucians. 140 pages, ISBN 1564596982, $17.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Napoleonís Book of Fate and Oraculum, Containing Dreams and their Interpretation; Weather Omens; Astrological Miscellany and Important Advice; Chiromancy or Fortune Telling by the Hand; Celestial Palmistry; Observations on Moles in Men and Women; Temper and Disposition of any Person ; The Art of Face Reading; Lucky Days, etc. 190 pages, ISBN 1564596877, $19.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Narrative of a New and Unusual American Imprisonment of Two Presbyterian Ministers and Prosecution of Mr. Francis Makemie (1707), This narrative consists chiefly of these parts for matter: their precepts for their apprehending and commitment; sundry petitions; interlocutory conference promoted and extorted from Mr. Makemie; copies of records, attested by Mr. Secretary; the pleadings of the Defendant and lawyers, with some intermixed animadversions and glosses upon those as the text. Due to the age and scarcity of the original we reproduced, some pages may be spotty, faded or difficult to read. Some archaic text. 58 pages, ISBN 0766169308, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Nature Worship: An Account of Phallic Faiths and Practices Ancient and Modern, Including the Adoration of the Male and Female Powers in Various Nations and the Sacta Puja of Indian Gnosticism, The Origin of Phallicism; Deities Connected with Phallic Worship; Emblems Connected with Phallic Worship; Phallic Objects; Wide Prevalence of Phallic Worship; Phallic Worship in the Middle Ages; Moral Aspects of Phallicism; Sacta Puja, the Worship of the Female Power. 112 pages, ISBN 1564595978, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Nemesis Sacra: A Series of Inquiries, Philological and Critical, into the Scripture Doctrine of Retribution on Earth (1856), With the correction throughout of words, phrases and sentences, erroneously or inadequately rendered in our authorized version. A work designed both to vindicate a truth old as the world, and to aid in diffusing sounder principles of interpretation. Independently of its chief subject, that being the doctrine found in Scripture of retribution on earth, this volume will be found to contain something that may claim the merit of novelty. 608 pages, ISBN 0766166112, $37.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, New Samhita Or Sacred Laws of the Aryans of the New Dispensation (1899), The Lordís people shall no longer live under foreign powers in a state of mutual estrangement and separation, but must dwell together in the Holy City of the New Dispensation, under heavenís sovereign. Lawless hordes of men and women must abide in peace and unity. The New Samhita is ready and a day ought to be appointed for its formal promulgation among our people. Partial Contents: Invocation; The House and Householder; Worship in the Sanctuary; Daily Meals; Business; Amusements; Studies; Charities; Relations; Brothers and Sisters; Husband and Wife; Servants; Ceremonies; Birth Festival; Namkaran or Nomination Ceremony; Rite of Initiation; Marriage and Funeral Ceremony; Vows. 102 pages, ISBN 0766175367, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Oriental Fragments (1834), This volume contains a series of articles, or fragments, from the authorís observances while in India and other countries. They are chiefly directed at Hindu literature and a large portion is on the spread of Sanskrit names of places. The author calls these fragments ìcasually collected examples.î Found within the book is a large number of Sanskritisms, discussion on the spread of the language and religion of Brahmans and much more. 562 pages, ISBN 0766158241, $36.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Perfect Ceremonies of the Supreme Order of the Holy Royal Arch (1907), Comprising Ceremonies of Opening and Closing a Chapter; Ceremony of Exaltation; Lectures from the Chairs; Charge and Explanation of the Jewel; Passing the Veils; Ceremony of Installing the Principals. With the Investiture of the Officers and the Addresses, etc. 190 pages, ISBN 0766127141, $19.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Plea for Urania Being a Popular Sketch of Celestial Philosophy (1854), The object in view in this book is to attract the attention of reflective minds to the unadulterated ingots of truth which, out of a fair proportion of rubbish, may be discovered in the principles of this once honored science. No great amount of research, nor of scientific talent, is demanded for such a performance. Partial Contents: historical sketch of astrology; modern astrology; children; on directions primary and secondary; climacterical years; horary astrology; mundane astrology; medical astrology; religious objections; education and crime. 420 pages, ISBN 0766177653, $29.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Political History of the Devil (1841), Found herein are Volumes 1 and 2 of The Political History of the Devil, as Well Ancient as Modern. The author aims at giving a true history of this tyrant, to show what he is and what he is not, where he is and where he is not, when he is in us and when he is not. This is an impartial account of the Devil throughout time. Volume 1 discusses the ancient history of the Devil from creation to as far as Christian times, while Volume 2 continues with the story from that point forward. 350 pages, ISBN 0766145891, $26.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Practical Mind Reading (1908), A course of eight lessons on thought transference, telepathy, mental currents, mental rapport, etc., containing practical instruction, exercises and directions capable of being understood, mastered and demonstrated by any person of average intelligence. 98 pages, ISBN 0766136485, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Proceedings of the Right Worshipful Grand Lodge (1902), This volume contains the proceedings of the Right Worshipful Grand Lodge of the most ancient and honorable fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons of Pennsylvania, and Masonic jurisdiction thereunto belonging at its celebration of the sesquicentennial anniversary of the initiation of Brother George Washington into the fraternity of Freemasons held in the Masonic Temple in the city of Philadelphia on November 5, 1902. 432 pages, ISBN 0766171531, $30.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Regeneration: A Discussion of the Scripture Doctrine of Regeneration (1832), Regeneration is the process of uniting the inner Godly part of man with the One True God. This treatise concerns itself with the scriptural doctrines relative to regeneration and the controversy surrounding this process. Due to the age and scarcity of the original we reproduced, some pages may be spotty, faded or difficult to read. 36 pages, ISBN 0766171655, $13.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Representative British Freemasons, A series of biographies and portraits of early 20th century Freemasons. Prior to this gorgeous volume, no attempt had been made to provide Freemasons with a book presenting a series of portraits and biographies of the leading members of the craft, brethren whom the voice of good report has made known in all parts of the British Empire because of their strenuous and self-sacrificing labors for Freemasonry. A comprehensive index sets forth the biographies contained within. Nearly every biography contains a portrait of the person so discussed. 658 pages, ISBN 0766135896, $40.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Ritual and Illustrations of Freemasonry Accompanied by Numerous Engravings and a Key to the Phi Beta Kappa, Contained herein are all of Freemasonryís Blue Lodge and York Rite Degrees with numerous illustrations! Scarce! 288 pages, ISBN 0766101088, $24.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Ritual of Pennsylvania Ancient York Masonry, Concerning the Pennsylvania ritual, Albert G. Mackey wrote, ìThe method of Entering, Passing, and raising candidates in the Lodges of Pennsylvania differs so materially from that practiced in the other States of the Union, that it cannot be considered as a part of the American Rite as first taught by Webb, but rather as an independent, Pennsylvania modification of the York Rite of England. Indeed, the Pennsylvania system of work much more resembles the English than the American. Its ritual is simple and didactic, like the former, and is almost entirely without the impressive dramatization of the latter.î This fascinating book contains the complete ritual of the degrees of Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason, deciphered from a work dated 1880. Although modern Masonic historians claim that the current Pennsylvania ritual is the ìAntientsí work,î it differs significantly from the ritual used 100 years ago, as revealed herein. For the first time ever, this old ritual makes available the most unusual ritual ever used in American Masonry. If you have never seen the Pennsylvania ritual, this book will give you insight concerning the nature of the Pennsylvania workings, as the editor compares the old and new rituals. Pennsylvania Masons will be amazed at the changes which have been made in their ritual in the last 100 years. 112 pages, ISBN 156459985X, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Ritual of the Lady-Knights of Templars, Ceremonies, Degrees and Lectures of the Supreme Grand Council and Encampment of the Order of Lady-Knights of America and Canada. 112 pages, ISBN 076610477X, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Ritual of the Order of the Eastern Star (1914), Complete ritual including: Preface; Instructions; Opening; Closing; Initiation; Installations; Funeral Ceremony; Constitutional Provisions. 164 pages, ISBN 0766107140, $18.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Ritual of the Original Rose of Seven Seals, This scarce book was originally prepared for Masonic sisters who passed the Eastern Star, Heroines of Jericho, Ladies of Knights, and Daughters of Sphinx degrees. Its purpose was to have a universal correspondence, affiliation for conferring of degrees, rendering of assistance, and charity. This is the complete ritual! 112 pages, ISBN 1564594734, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Rituals of the Fratres Lucis, The ëBrothers of Lightíóalso known as the Ritters des Licht, or ëKnights of Lightíówas supposed to be a Masonic Rosicrucian splinter of the Order of the Rosy Cross, but authentic information concerning it is difficult to obtain. This book includes the rituals of Knight Novice of the Third year, Knight Novice of the Fifth Year, Knight Novice of the Seventh Year, Knight Levite and Knight Priest, as well as an introductory chapter on the order from A.E. Waiteís Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross which comments on its many Hermetic characteristics. 112 pages, ISBN 1564593630, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Rituals of the Swedenborgian Rite of Masonry, The Swedenborgian Rite was revived in the United States and Canada by Brother Samuel Beswick. It consists of three elaborate and beautiful ceremonies for which the Craft is required. A Supreme Grand Lodge and Temple for G[reat] B[ritain] and I[reland] was chartered by Brother Colonel W.J.B. McLeod Moore, 33*, andc., of the Canadian body, on 1st October, 1875, with Bro. John Yarker as G.M. A Charter has recently been issued by this country for a body in Paris, and previously to Roumania and Egyptî John Yarker, óëThe Arcane Schools.í We learn from Liber LII, The Manifesto of the O.T.O. (Equinox III:I:197-198), that the Swedenborgian Rite was 16th in a list of 18 bodies which contributed its wisdom to this august order. Its rituals provide an esoteric reinterpretation of the Craft degrees. This book includes all three degrees. 112 pages, ISBN 1564593622, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Sagas from the Far East (1873), Kalmouk and Mongolian traditionary tales with historical preface and explanatory notes. The origin and migrations of myths have been the subject of much sifting and study, the elaborate results of which are already before the world, but for the first time put into English. These tales come directly from the Far East and in most of them nothing further has been aimed at than the amusement of a people indisposed by climate, natural temperament or want of cultivation from finding recreation in the healthy exercise of mental effort. 438 pages, ISBN 0766145409, $30.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Salvation of All Men (1784), The mystery hid from all ages and generations, made manifest by the Gospel-revelation, or the Salvation of All Men, the grand thing aimed at in the scheme of God, as opened in the New Testament writings, and entrusted with Jesus Christ to bring into effect. Divided into three chapters: the first, exhibiting a general explanation of this gloriously benevolent plan of God. The second, proving it to be the truth of scripture, that mankind universally, in the final issue of this scheme, shall reign in happy life forever. The third, largely answering objections. Written by one who wishes well to the whole human race. The text is written in Old English. 422 pages, ISBN 0766162516, $30.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Scottish Rite Ceremony for Maundy-Thursday and Easter Sunday, For Groups of Knights Rose Croix who are unable to attend these meetings of the Chapters. Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction, U.S.A. Facsimile reprint, officially adopted by the Supreme Council, October, 1925. 112 pages, ISBN 1564599914, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Secret Instructions of the Society of Jesus (Jesuit Priests) (1882), Herein is contained the most secret writings of the Jesuits! The text of the Secret Instructions of the Society of Jesus reproduced here was found beneath the pallet on an adobe bed in a cottage in the Andes Mountains of Peru about a century ago. A French archeologist had been sent into the Andes to probe the ruins. He had rented a room in a tiny village to use for the base of his operations. Once while he was away his room was rented to another overnight guest who happened to be a Jesuit official. On the Jesuitís departure he forgot a little book which he had hidden under the mattress. The archeologist accidentally found it. It was the Secret Instruction of the Society of Jesus, the top classified manual of procedure for the trusted leaders of the order. It was in Latin and bore the seal, signature and attestation of the General and Sec. of the Order in Rome. For the next few days the Frenchman labored furiously translating the work into French. He then replaced the book and left. The Jesuit returned a few days later inquiring nervously about his little black packet and also wanted to know if anyone had occupied the room since his departure. On learning of the archeologist he began a search so relentless that the Frenchman had to leave Peru. He finally reached San Francisco and entrusted his precious but dangerous burden to Edwin A. Sherman, Sec. of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in California. Mr. Sherman included the Secret Instructions in his book The Engineer Corps of Hell published in 1882. 112 pages, ISBN 1564599124, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Secret Ritual of the Thirty-third and Last Degree Sovereign Grand Inspector General of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, This book includes the COMPLETE TEXTS of two versions of this most secret ritual: (1) a never-before-published c.1827 early American version and (2) the ritual used by most Supreme Councils world-wide. The latter is especially enlightening to those interested in the ìvengeance,î Templar and Kadosh aspects of Freemasonry. 112 pages, ISBN 1564593266, $16.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Secret Societies Illustrated , Comprising the So-Called Secrets of Freemasonry, Adoptive Masonry, Odd fellowship, Good Templarism, Temple of Honor, United Sons of Industry, Knights of Pythias and the Grange. Contents: Secrets of Thirteen Masonic Degrees; Secrets of Female Freemasonry; Secrets of Revised Odd Fellowship, Encampment and Rebekah; Secrets of Good Templarism; Secrets of the Temple of Honor; Secrets of the United Sons of Industry; Secrets of the Knights of Pythias; Secrets of the Grange; Secrets of Scotch Rite Masonry. 122 pages, ISBN 076612696X, $17.00,   Buy Now! Click here!

Anonymous, Anonymous, Secret Societies of the Middle Ages (1848), If we had the means of investigating historically the origin of Secret Societies, we should probably find that they began to be formed almost as soon as any knowledge had been accumulated by particular individuals. The same thing has happened to knowledge that has happened to all other human possessions, its actual holders have striven to keep it to themselves. The book contents are divided into three sections entitled: The Assassins; The Templars; and Secret Tribunals of Westphalia. Illustrated. 386 pages, ISBN 076617901X, $28.00,   Buy Now! Click here!