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   The SECURITIZATION COMPANY and Laws in Luxemburg 


    Objective :

    The Titrisation or Securization allows thus any Company in Europe or Overseas to transfer or reject

    from her own Patrimony certain Assets ,Activa or Debts whereas she will not longer support the Risks or

    Management of those by means of transferring them into a Luxemburg Securitization PLC 

    The Balances of the Transferring Company becomes this way improved as the Risks or Non Payment

    of the running liabilities are eliminated and have been transferred to Luxemburg




Public Limited Company   1 Administrator and 1 Shareholder


Social Capital  Euro 32.000  freed  at 25% (Euro 8.000)


Shares at BEARER (anonymous)

Activa or Risks transferable


The following

Activa or Risks can be Securized:

-Commercial Debts, (Invoices  Debtors par example)

-Loans and Credits

-Current accounts,



-all kind of Financial Activa and Assets,

-Immobilised Activa ( including Real Estates )

-a real estate Project

-a License , Invention , Know How , Method

-Intellectual Properties , Editions, Multimedia Rights etc

The Incomes


The incomes that the Company will receive are redistributed as Bonds at Bearer , which she will emit.

No withholding will be done on the interest, royalties or payments done to the Holders of the Bonds at Bearer





Exemption when transferring assets to the Securization Company.



Transferring of any kind of Risk or Activa who will became this way a Bond .

The Price for the buying or take over of the Risk or Activa can be lower than the value of the Risk or Activa , as there can be a substantial risk of insolvability par example.

Real Estate




Transfer of Estate in favour of the Luxemburg Company.

The charges of the Transfer are 0% .(Registration Rights)

This way the Estate will be transformed to a series of Bonds

Interesting for a Patrimony who will be Securized into Bonds at Bearer

thus Anonymous

Situations of divorces.

Situations of succession and Inheritances

Situations of attracting Investors for funding of the Project or Real Estate.

The Law

"Securitisation", within the meaning of the law, means the transaction by which a securitisation company acquires or assumes, directly or through another undertaking, risks relating to claims, other assets, or obligations assumed by third parties or inherent to all or part of the activities of third parties and issues securities, whose value or yield depends on such risks

Price Euro 8.850 included Notarials , Registers and 12 month domiciliation





   Titrisation Sa Modèle des Statuts


Securization in REAL ESTATE



Transfer of the Estates or Immo Patrimony

The Company emits Bonds for the value of the Estates



Those Bonds are at bearer and freely transferable by hand.



Those Bonds can be sold to any Investor freely.


The Renting incomes of the Estates

Each bond gives a right for a part of the Incomes arriving in the Company.



No Witholding as per distributing those incomes to the owners of the Bonds


In case of resale of the Assets or Estates

The Company sells directly the Estate



Or the Bonds are handed over to the new owner without any Notarials or Registration Rights


Facilities to bringing in Capital or Fundings for the Company

The local taxes are due to be paid in the Country where the Estates are located.



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